Gift Ideas for Accountants 2020

Accountants tend to get a bad rap, but (as with all professions) most are actually kind and generous people. You can show them that you care with a thoughtful gift. Whether the gift is for their birthday, Christmas, or even to celebrate the end of tax season, any of these gifts will be loved!


Mechanical Keypad

While most people use and love laptops, they have the unfortunate problem of not including a dedicated number pad. No matter how proficient your accountant is at using the numbers along the top of the keyboard, a number pad will always be faster. They will likely own one already, but not one with a satisfying tactile ‘click’. A mechanical keyboard is an easy way to rectify this problem. It plugs into a USB port and is high rated to last through multiple tax seasons. Any gift that makes someone’s life easier is sure to be appreciated, and that’s exactly what this keyboard does.



The classic game is a perfect gift for the family man accountant, or just one who appreciates the fun of game night. Although this game can get a little wild depending on who’s playing, as long as you don’t make (or let) the accountant be the banker they’re sure to have a good time. Give the gift with the promise of coming over to play and see how much fun accountants really can be!


Extremely Rare Accountant Pens

A choice of pens can be an extremely personal decision. But no matter what your favorite accountant prefers to use while off the job, they’re sure to appreciate these extra fine point pens. Buy a bunch of them and your accountant will never worry about misplacing them. They’re perfect for making lots of notes, won’t bleed through paper, and last for a long time. Pocket protector not included.


Traditional Abacus

In case of power failure.


It’s Accrual World

Get it? They will.


Extremely Tasteful $100 Bill Tie

This tie is a wonderful way to celebrate! Although you may not think that accountants can cut loose you’ll be surprised at the party attitude they adopt when they don this tie. It’s appropriate to wear to work but also shows a bit of a fun side at a party. Made of polyester in California, this tie is long enough for even tall men to enjoy and is sure to be a great conversation piece! You’re sure to impress when you give this as a gift.


Don’t be afraid to get a wonderful gift for your favorite accountant. It doesn’t matter if they’re family or strictly a business partner. They’re sure to appreciate you thinking of them and will love any of these gifts!