Wedding Gift Ideas for a Couple Already Living Together 2020

It’s becoming more and more common for couples to live together before getting married. While this may make it easier for the couple financially and emotionally, it can be hard on their friends and family when it comes time to buy them a wedding gift. Once the two households have been combined they won’t need the traditional china and linens. If you find yourself searching for a creative wedding gift idea for a couple in this situation, read on for a few great choices that are sure to please!


1. Kissing Mugs Set with Spoons



Morning coffee can be a wonderful ritual for couples living together, and this cute coffee mug set is a fun way for your favorite couple to enjoy their mornings! The cups are oversized, making them a great choice to hold more than your average mug.


2. Dinner Dates: A Cookbook for Couples Cooking Together



They may have gone out to eat a lot while dating, but a lot of people prefer to stay home a bit more once they’re married. Dinner doesn’t have to suffer, though, if you give a couple this great cookbook. They’ll have a great time learning to cook amazing food together.


3. Kitchen Savior’s Knife Sharpening Set



All of the cooking they’re going to be doing together is sure to dull their kitchen knives, but there’s nothing more manly than being able to sharpen them yourselves. Save your friends or family from cutting themselves with dull knives or having to pay to get them sharpened!


4. Risk



A Friday night in can be a lot of fun with the right games. You can help this couple build up their game collection with a classic and group favorite. Who knows, you may get invited over for game night soon!


5. Sunbeam Dual Heating Blanket



There’s nothing quite so luxurious about crawling into a nice warm bed in the middle of the winter, but being able to control how hot you want your side really takes it up a notch. Both people can set their side to their desired temperature and sleep toasty all night long. Every couple living together already has sheets, but most don’t know that they’re missing out on a warm bed!


No matter your relation to the couple getting married you’re sure to find something on this list that fits your budget and that they’ll enjoy. Sure, they’ve been living together, but now you can give them some gifts they’ll really enjoy!