Unique Gift Ideas for Book Lovers 2020

Book lovers are a funny kind of person. They would often rather spend an afternoon reading by themselves than go out with friends, and their idea of a perfect date is spent in silence browsing a bookstore. If you really want to impress your favorite book lover you’ll have to take some time to come up with the perfect gift that they’re sure to love.


1. “Books I’ve Read” Journal



This journal is perfect for your favorite book lover to keep track of books they’ve read and what they liked about them. Instead of being just a list of titles, this journal will give them a place to write down their thoughts about each book and to really muse over them.


2. “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie” Coffee Mug



For most book lovers the only thing better than a book is a big book. It will give them even more time to be swept up into a wonderful tale and imaginary world. They can now express this love of big books with this cute coffee mug – perfect for a lot of caffeine so they can stay up late reading.


3. Magnetic Poetry



A lot of book lovers are also writers, and this set will let them pour their thoughts out on the fridge while they’re in the kitchen. After all, if you want to read something wonderful it’s best to turn to something that you’ve written!


4. Metal Owl Bookmark



What better way to mark their spot in a new book than with a cute bookmark? All book lovers know that folding down a page to mark their spot is bad for the book, but many will grab any scrap of paper that’s nearby to use as a bookmark. A dedicated bookmark will make them think of you each time they use it.


5. Whimsical Metal Bookends



Don’t let your favorite book lovers’ books fall down all over their shelves. With fun bookends that they’ll want to use you can ensure that their books stay in great condition. From zombies to animals to globes, you’re sure to be able to find a set that matches their personality and that they’ll love.


While you may be tempted to buy your favorite book lover a new book to add to their collection, one of these gifts may be appreciated even more. Any of them are a fun way to show that you’re thinking about them!