Skull Gift Ideas for Her 2020

For a woman who loves skulls, there are plenty of possible gifts to get her, even if it seems like she has almost everything you’ve thought of already. Women who like skulls tend to appreciate having even more skulls, so that is a plus, and the cool skull gift ideas we have featured here certainly offer that. Skull presents for women aren’t something you see every day, so we put together this list of skull gifts for her (and cool skull stuff) to help you out.


Clear Glass Skull Mug

This gift idea is really cool, because it is a mug shaped like a skull, rather than just having a skull design on it, which makes it a bit more unique as a gift. And a bonus is, she may not already have a mug that is in the shape of a skull, so this gift is bound to win over her favor, at the least for a day.


Skull-themed Fingerless Gloves

Typically, a woman who likes skulls is also fond of fingerless gloves, which makes a skull-themed fingerless glove set one of the perfect options for a skull fan. Chances are, over time the fingerless gloves she may already have will get worn down with use, making a new pair a great replacement that she doesn’t have to pay for.


Adult Coloring Books – Skeletor style

Adult coloring books are becoming a major trend, they help with creative energies, aid in focus and even help with relaxation. If she’s a creative type who loves skull motifs an adult coloring book could be a pretty easy way to please her. There are plenty of different options and themes for skull coloring books, but sugar style is going to be one of the most popular. Be sure to accompany with some appropriate pens.


Skull Mug

Now, she may want a fancier, prettier kind of skull on her mug which means it may be easier to get her a mug with a skull design on it. There will be plenty of black and white colored mugs if she prefers that color scheme, but there are also of colorful ones for the women who break the mold. Keep in mind what she likes and it will make it easier for you to pick out the right skull gift for her.


Skull Coasters

If you get her that amazing skull mug, or a regular skull mug, then she could also appreciate similarly themed coasters. Great for keeping her tables dry. This is a great gift even if she already has a skull mug or not because it will be useful with her current glassware.


Infinity Skull Scarf

This scarf will have her cackling with glee. This so called infinity scarf wraps right below the gift recipient’s skeletal noggin, like all scarfs.


Skull Shot Glasses

Memento Mori. That is, remember that you are going to die, and no number of tequila shots will prevent that. Oh.


Skull Spoons

MEMENTO MORI. Consider death as sugar falls from the eye sockets of these spoons onto the table. Life is suffering.


Fred EGG-A-MATIC Skull Egg Mold

Mold an egg to your will and lose yourself in its skeletal grin.


When choosing a gift for a woman who likes skulls keep in mind what her other preferences are. If she likes cute things, black and white things, or more sinister things. Girly skull gifts aren’t for everyone! With that you’ll be able to find the perfect skull present and the best skull gifts for her.