Penguin Gift Ideas for Him 2020

Penguins are adorable, and a lot of people really love them. If you are looking for a gift for a friend who loves these little birds then you may be drawing a blank. Unfortunately for penguin lovers, they don’t make good pets, and unless you live near a zoo it can be difficult to get to see them. No matter the reason you’re looking for a gift, one of these on this list is sure to please the penguin loving guy in your life.


1. Vinyl Record Penguin Wall Clock



Penguin clocks don’t have to be girly, and this is a great example. Made from a vinyl record but shaped like a penguin with an intricate clock in the middle, it will fit right in in any man cave, office, or bar. It’s perfect for them to display the time while casually expressing their love of penguins.


2. “Penguins Make Me Happy” Vanity Tag



If the guy you’re shopping for wants to share with the world how much he loves penguins then this is the gift for him. It’s got a cute chubby penguin in the middle of the tag and will look great on any vehicle. It’s sure to make people smile while he’s driving and may brighten someone else’s day.


3. Carved Stone Initial Monogram Keychain



This keychain features a penguin carved from hard stone as well as a monogrammed initial. It’s small enough to slide easily into a man’s pocket without being too bulky, but will also stand up to being dropped on the ground without breaking. It’s perfect for the man who has trouble holding on to his keys.


4. Carved Penguin Figurine



This carved figurine features a male penguin and his baby. It would be perfect in an office, bedroom, or bar. The bright colors are attractive and won’t fade and any penguin lover would enjoy this attractive piece of art.


5. Penguin with Mustache, Glasses, and Top Hat Coffee Mug



This cute mug has a darling penguin on it who is all dressed up for a fancy night out. Paired with a pound of great coffee, this mug would make a perfect gift for any man who loves penguins. What better what to start the day than with some hot coffee out of a penguin mug?


Treat your favorite penguin lover with one of these fun gifts. They’re sure to appreciate the thought that you put into them and will think about you whenever they see their gift!