Leather Gift Ideas for Men 2020

Here are our top gifts for the man in your life who needs some classic and hard wearing hide to add to his collection.

Wallet Upgrade

Most men’s wallets are falling apart and overfull with coins and cards they don’t need. Gifting something high quality with a slimmer profile can remove some of the friction from his day and reduce any unsightly bulges from his pockets. What better gift to get him than something he’ll carry with him every day?

Right now, we recommend this RFID blocking number to protect your loved one from contactless thieves.

New Gloves

Just as with umbrellas, people often forget they’ve taken their gloves off in a public place and leave without them. The odds are that he needs some new gloves, and gloves which are given as a gift are less likely to be forgotten in Starbucks…

Be careful choosing colours, as the wrong black gloves can make him look like an assassin (unless he’s into that sort of thing). For future proofing get something you can use a touchscreen with so he doesn’t get cold checking Facebook.

Manly Fragrances

One of the most masculine scents, getting a leather fragranced candle, diffuser or perfume can quickly make a locale or gentleman smell unquestionably “manly”.

For a rugged smelling candle for gifting we recommend CANDLOVE’s Fresh Leather

For personal scents, we recommend trying English Leather By Dana:

And if you’re just looking for a small extra to hide somewhere:

An air freshener will keep any man cave smelling more man than cave.

The Gift of Good Footwear

Most men already have leather shoes. We’d recommend upgrading them to boots:

Red Wing Heritage Iron Rangers

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots

If you think the ‘Iron Rangers’ are a little too rugged for their tastes, you might consider the slightly dressier Wolverine 1000 mile boots:

If neither are in your price range (this time), then Clarks Original Desert Boot is another great and value conscious footwear choice

Classic Desert Boots

Saddleback Leather Bags

These are heirloom tier bags – Saddleback Leather products come with a 100 year warranty, and their slogan is they’ll fight over it when you’re dead‘. If you’re looking for a unique gift which is tough enough to handle whatever abuse they’re likely to throw at it, look no further.  Careful though – they aren’t cheap! If you can’t quite stomach the price tag then less costly alternatives exist:

You’ve been warned though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a11wlngpuSY


Leather Care Products

Regardless of what leather products you buy him or he already owns, you can’t go wrong by getting a proper leather conditioner to keep them lasting year after year. Leather conditioner is made to nourish leather goods. Properly applied, leather conditioner will make your gifts suppler and age better; or if he has a favourite neglected bag or pair of boots, restore them to their former glory. For a more personal touch you might consider treating the items yourself.

As well asChaimberlain’s leather milk, we also recommend Saddle Soap and Sno-Seal for helping him look after (and waterproof) his leathers.

Be careful as the smell of leather being treated can be addictive.

Journals & Diaries

A classic leather-bound journal can really inspire his imagination:

Although it’s hard to go wrong with a moleskine diary, something with a little more heft can go a long way to making him feel like his thoughts are actually important.


Drink coasters can save those rich mahogany tables from picking up too many coffee rings. We suggest gifting a set which will be easy to wipe clean, and come with their own tabletop storage. Just don’t forget to use them when you’re next visiting.

Luggage Tags

If all else fails, you can’t really go wrong with some luggage tags.