Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers 2020

Yoga enthusiasts can be tricky to buy for. They generally have a calm aura about them and are very happy in their lives. Finding a gift that they’ll love can take some effort. We’ve taken the guesswork out of making your favorite yogi happy with the gifts on this list!


Yoga-Centric Anatomy Books

This gift is a perfect resource for yogis of all abilities. Whether they’ve been practicing for days or for years this book is packed with valuable information from what happens during deep breathing to breaking down how your body is being extended and contracted during poses. The information in this book isn’t something all yogis will hear in class, making it an awesome resource to have at home.


Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters

It doesn’t matter how virtuous you are, everyone likes cookies. These cookie cutters are the perfect fun gift for your favorite baking yogi. This set of three cutters are four inches high and made from quality stainless steel. Not only are they perfect for cookies, but will make adorable sandwiches and pieces of cut fruit – perfect for a quick lunch on the go.


Yoga Mat Backpack

Getting to and from yoga class while hauling an unwieldy yoga mat can be a bit of a pain, but it’s better than the alternative of borrowing a used class mat. You can make this trek more bearable for your favorite yogi when you gift them this useful backpack. With straps to hold the yoga mat securely and enough room in the backpack itself for other necessaries, this cross-body bag will leave both hands free and make traveling with a mat a much more enjoyable experience.


Incense Burner with Storage

Nothing quite sets the stage for an intense yoga session like burning some wonderful incense. Coffin incense burners are safe, with the incense stick safely contained and the wonderful smells wafting out of the decorative holes on top. With storage below for extra sticks and a easy to open lid, yogis will feel safe using this burner in every room of the house. There’s no concern over the ash of the stick falling on the floor – it will be neatly contained in the burner itself.


Yoga Cats 2017 Calendar

Not all gifts have to be serious. The Yoga Cats/Kittens/Dogs calendars offer a cute way for your Yoga lover to keep track of classes. Just pick the right animal for them.


Pose-able Skeleton Toys

These bendy skeleton models are perfect for the office and serve as a reminder of mortality itself. Good for practitioners who enjoy gallows humor.


Massage Ball Set

Occasionally people can injure themselves or push just a little too hard. These massage balls can aid repair and recovery.


Army Men Doing Yoga Toys

If skeletons don’t tickle their funny bone, consider these practical military types.



Yoga Blocks

High quality yoga blocks are a wonderful way for yogis to attempt difficult poses safely. Instead of pushing their bodies to a dangerous level, these sturdy foam blocks will help yogis master poses while still being safe. They’re light but sturdy and won’t slip even when the yogi is sweaty. Since they are so lightweight, they’re easy to take to class or move around the room. Your favorite yogi will have proper alignment and be able to deepen their stretches when you gift them these amazing blocks.


Super Light Travel Mat

Although some yoga mats can be really thick and heavy, this travel mat is just the opposite. Made with a closed cell design that will keep yogis from slipping during practice, this natural tree rubber mat is light enough to carry to class and flexible enough to roll up or bend to put in a bag. Most people who practice yoga like going to class to be with others, and this mat will guarantee that they won’t have to lug their heavy mat around with them while they’re on the go.



Chimes have long been used in meditative practices to help focus the mind. A lot of yoga practitioners may secretly love to have one of these in their personal studio but find think that it might be too big of a splurge. When you buy this as a gift for your favorite yogi you’re giving them a blessing. They’ll receive an important part of yoga practice and the understanding that you value what they do!


Workout Clothes

While some people may think that yoga is easy light stretching, you’ll show your favorite yoga practitioner that you know better when you give them workout clothes. While there are some kinds of yoga that are less strenuous than others, as a general rule, yogis work hard and will break a sweat. Bending and contorting into tricky poses isn’t easy! Cute workout clothes that show off their personality are always a welcome gift and will show your yogi that you really get what they do. Yoga is a passion, and practicing yogis put their sweat into it. You can make sure that they look good doing it!


With one of these gifts you can bring a little more happiness to your favorite yogis’ life. They may not have even known that something was missing, but will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the combination of fun and utility that all of these provide! Remember that yoga is not just exercise – it’s a way of life and combines a healthy body with a healthy mind. Giving a yoga-related gift to your favorite yogi is a wonderful way to help them take care of themselves. Everyone could stand to love themselves a little more!