Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers 2020

The problem with buying a gift for your favorite whiskey lover is that you may be tempted to swing by the store and pick them up a bottle of whiskey. Don’t do that. Chances are very good that they have a specific kind they really like and anything you will bring them will be sub-par. The best way to keep from embarrassing yourself is to buy a gift related to whiskey but that isn’t actually the drink itself.

You should also be keenly aware that there is Whiskey and there is Whisky. Geographically, Whisky is Scottish, while Whiskey┬átends to be Irish or American. Although they are drastically different spirits, they are enjoyed by Whisk(e)y lovers in much the same way, which makes choosing a gift when you’re not sure a little easier.


1. Whiskey Chilling Rocks and Crystal Shot Glasses Kit



Even if you don’t drink whiskey you have probably noticed that your friend likes it cold but not watered down. These chilling rocks are perfect for that! Simply freeze them and add them to a glass of whiskey to lower the temp without adding water. The shot glasses are a classy touch.


2. Jack Daniel’s Flask, Shot Glasses, and Funnel Kit



If your favorite whiskey lover likes to take their drink out camping then this flask kit is perfect for them. The smooth lines on the flask will always be classy and it’s large enough to bring enough whiskey so they stay warm even on chilly nights.


3. World Globe Decanter



Your favorite whiskey lover won’t want to hide their choice whiskey when they have this gorgeous decanterto store it in. It’s a perfect conversation piece for a home office and will keep whiskey right at their fingertips all the time.


4. Personalized Engraved Whiskey Barrel



Want to let your friend’s whiskey age a little more? This barrel is perfect for that. You can personalize it however you want. It’s an attractive way to store whiskey but not have the drink be the center of attention in a room.


5. Unframed Mark Twain Whiskey Quote



“Too much of anything is bad, but too much whiskey is barely enough” was famously uttered by Mark Twain. If your favorite whiskey lover agrees with this sentiment, then they’d probably love to hang this on their wall. Whether in their home bar or office, it’s sure to make quite the statement.


6. Infusion Spiral



These wooden elements will elevate the flavor of any whiskey and make it even smoother, check out the related items for more flavours. Simply drop them in a bottle of whiskey and wait. Even cheap whiskey will taste incredible (at least, more like wood and less like cheap whiskey) when these are used, and it’s certainly something fun to share with others.


7. Scratch and Sniff Whiskey Guide



They say smell is mostly taste, and taste is mostly smell. They say a lot of things, but most will agree a good deal of the dram is in the nose. And since all adults are simply children, they can occasionally enjoy some silliness when pretending to be grown-ups with their decanters and top hats and armchairs and leather-bound-books and overpriced cigars etc.


8. A mug declaring the likely contents



A simple enamelled mug, perfect for camping enthusiasts or tailgaters.


9. Whisky Barrel Brewed Shoyu



10. Or Fish Sauce



Either of these unusual choices are perfect for the adventurous whiskey-loving chef, but many Whiskey infused and barrel-aged goods are available – depending on their other interests you can find something truly considerate.



11. More Barrel-Aged Goods


Aged Bitters, perfect for an old fashioned.



Maple Syrups for a sweet tooth



Bourbon Aged Coffee for the morning after




Don’t neglect your whiskey-loving friend when it comes time to give a great gift. Anything on this list is better than nothing. Who knows – maybe they’ll share some with you.