Gift Ideas for Mixed-Sex Twins 2020

Buying gifts for babies is a lot of fun. All of the clothes and toys are so small and cute, and when you are buying for twins it’s twice the fun. It only gets tricky if you need to get gifts for mixed-sex twins, as not all boys and girls like the same things. If you’re scratching your head and wonderful what to get some twins in your life, check out this list and see what appeals to you.


1. She Did It/He Did It Cotton Bibs



These are perfect if the twins you are shopping for are still wearing bibs. Goodness knows that as they get older they’ll be blaming each other for their actions, so their parents might as well enjoy it now. And as babies, who knows what they’re blaming each other for!


2. Cuddle Brown Bear Blankies



At some age, the twins will want their own separate things, but when they’re little it’s common for them to want to match. These lovie-blankets are incredibly soft and gender-neutral, making them perfect for both boys and girls. They’ll want to carry them everywhere and will love sleeping with them.


3. Handprint Keepsake Ornament Kit



With two ornaments in this kit, the twins can either use them as intended to keep their handprints safe forever or decorate them however they like. Either way, their personalities will shine and although the ornaments will look similar, they won’t be the same.


4. Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies



Walkie talkies are a classic toy for kids of all ages. There’s nothing more fun than sneaking around the house, spying on people, and talking covertly to your partner. These radios are orange and black, making them perfect for twins who hesitate to play with anything too “girly” or “boyish”.


5. 60 Colors Dual Tip Waterproof Markers in Carrying Case



Kids love art and it can be difficult for parents to stay on top of all of the different art supplies floating around the house. Instead of buying lots of different kinds of markers in cardboard boxes that will get ripped and destroyed, this case with 60 different markers will protect the supplies and keep them all corralled in one location.


Don’t overthink buying gifts for your favorite boy/girl twins. While it’s important to make sure that neither one of them feels left out from the gift, if you choose wisely and buy something age-appropriate, they’re sure to love it.