Gift Ideas for Tequila Lovers 2020

Everyone knows that tequila lovers are the life of the party! They’re fun loving and always down to have a good time. You can show them how much you care with one of these fun tequila based gifts. This gift¬†will help you to put a smile on their mezcal-loving face for their next birthday – or any other notable occasion.


1. Tequila Gift Set



This set is perfect for anyone who loves tequila. With a carrying tray, salt dishes, shot glasses, flavored salts to enhance the tasting experience, and a cutting board with ceramic knife to cut limes, this has everything you need to really experience tequila. Take enjoying this drink beyond shots and enjoy all the flavors!


2. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses



These gorgeous shot glasses are hand carved and will add a natural salt flavor to your tequila. They’re 3 inches tall and easily wipe clean for storage. They’re a fun way to take shots of tequila and enjoy the natural taste of Himalayan salt.


3. Herradura Reposado Tequila Case



Tequila lovers may not be able to take their favorite beverage with them wherever they go, but with this iPhone case they can show how much they love tequila. Made for the iPhone 5/6/6s, this high quality case snaps on to the phone and allows the user to access all buttons.



4. “Tequila Will Make Your Clothes Fall Off” Sign



Perfect for a home bar, this novelty sign is a throwback to the classic song and lets everyone around know exactly what will happen when tequila is imbibed. The tequila lover in your life will hang this proudly in their man cave or kitchen and it’s sure to get a chuckle out of everyone who see it.



5. “There’s a Chance This is Tequila” Mug



Unfortunately for tequila lovers everywhere, tequila really isn’t the breakfast of champions. That doesn’t mean that they can’t wish or pretend, and this coffee mug is a great way for them to enjoy a morning cup or coffee or tea while still reminiscing about last night.



6. Pair of Mezcal Drinking Glasses



Get ready for your friend to feel really classy when they’re enjoying tequila out of these heavy-bottomed glasses that were designed specifically for drinking Mezcal. The shape of the glass allows the aroma to be right at the drinker’s nose and enhances the tequila experience.


7. Spice-Lab’s Himalayan Tequila Shot Glasses


Everybody knows that tequila is supposed to be consumed with salt, which is usually licked from the crook of the drinker’s thumb and index finger. If you’re looking for a more luxury¬†option, this cool shot glass set enables you to take your salt more stylishly, however. Made from pure Himalayan rock salt, these shot glasses will give tequila lovers that salty flavor that they crave. The glasses have a natural pinkish hue, which looks very appealing. They come on a presentation plate made of salt so you can serve up a round of shots with aplomb.


8. Stealth Tequila Smuggling Mug


Reusable cups are better for the planet, and this one comes with a message emblazoned on it to show the world loud and clear that the owner is a tequila lover. Great for carrying that morning coffee in on the commute to work, and for concealing a sneaky tequila at the end of the day. A protective sleeve keeps the user’s hands safe from hot liquids and an insulating design will keep your beverages hot for several hours. The quirky message is sure to raise a few smiles as your tequila loving friend walks into the office in the morning, with this smart customized cup in their hands.


9. Good Measure Cocktail Shaker


Not all tequila lovers like to drink their favorite spirit straight, in the form of shots accompanied by salt and lemon. Many of them like to mix it up into tasty cocktails and other long drinks to be sipped at their leisure. This smart little cup is a cocktail mixer and a recipe book all in one. The recipes printed on the sides tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you need to add in order to enjoy the perfect tequila based cocktail. With lots of recipes to try, there is something to appeal to everyone’s tastes. Just pour over ice and serve! This gift is a fantastic prop for getting the party started.


No matter which one of these gifts that you choose to buy for your favorite tequila lover it’s sure to be a hit. And when it doubt, include a bottle of their favorite mezcalwith it. You may be invited to share a drink.