Gift Ideas for Swimmers 2020

It seems that most swimmers would prefer to spend their time in the water rather than on land. This can make it a little tricky for those who love them to find the perfect gift. Read on for some great gift ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest swimmer in your life.


Foam Roller

Unfortunately for our aquatic friends, coming out of the pool is a necessity. Eating and sleeping aren’t the only things that are easier on dry land – it’s also best for muscles to recover while out of the water. Foam rollers have been proven time and time again to help speed up recovery, soothe tight and sore muscles, and increase flexibility. Your favorite swimmer will love this thoughtful gift and appreciate how it makes them feel better after swimming.


Fast Dry Towel

It can be hard finding a towel that can stand up to drying off a swimmer over and over. Fast dry towels can absorb up to three times their weight in water and are treated to prevent the growth of mold. These towels are compact, lightweight, and work wonders for swimmers who need to dry off. The recipient of this towel will love the mesh bag that it comes in and will thank you every time they towel off.


Ventilated Swim Bag

The other best way to avoid moldy swimming kit is a specially designed swim bag.


Waterproof Shower Speaker

Swimmers spend a lot of time showering, so a waterproof speaker will be well received by the music loving swimmer.


Underwater Headphones

If the swimmer you love absolutely doesn’t want to come out of the water then it’s time to make sure that their time swimming is as enjoyable as possible. Underwater headphones are an amazing advancement that will allow swimmers to listen to music, podcasts, and books while working out. With a built in MP3 player, these bone induction headphones are sure to make time spent in the pool even more enjoyable.


GoPro Hero 5

This gift is perfect for the adventurous swimmer. They might want to record a speedy lap at the pool, but it’s more likely that they’ll want to venture into open water with a GoPro filming the entire adventure. You’re sure to be a favorite at Christmas and birthdays with this gift! Don’t be surprised if you find out that your swimmer also has a passion for film once they receive this incredible present.


Searching for the perfect gift for a swimmer shouldn’t be too hard. Any of these suggested ideas are sure to please. There are choices perfect for the person who doesn’t want to get out of the water as well as the swimmer who needs to take care of their body after practice.