Gift Ideas for Sailors 2020


Spending long days on the water might not be everybody’s dream, but for sailors nothing gets their blood pumping like a cloudless sky and the open sea. Buying a gift for your favorite sailor might seem difficult, but there are some options that are sure to please even the pickiest person.


1. Bamboo Polarized Sunglasses with Reflective Mirror Tint




It’s really easy to misplace sunglasses. When they’re a super pricey pair that can be a major pain, but luckily some of the less-expensive sunglasses available work just as well as their more-expensive counterparts. These are polarized, making it easy to see while on the water, and the bamboo parts of the glasses are lightweight and super comfortable to wear, even for longer periods of time.


2. Gill Race Sailing Watch




These come in a lot of fun colors and are as useful as they are fun to look at. They’re perfect for timing and also offer inaudible alerts, making them useful for private alarms. They have a stainless-steel case back to protect all of the inner workings.


3. Mojo Refuel Battery Case



Using your phone will suck the battery life quickly. This battery case will charge your phone without the frustration of it being tethered to an outlet. The slim size of the case won’t be too bulky in your pocket or on your waist, and the batteries can be replaced when they die.


4. Fleece Neck Warmer




Cool wind can blow in at any time while on the open water, and you don’t want to be stuck without something to keep you nice and warm. These fleece neck warmers fold small and compact so they don’t take up a lot of room, but are super warm and will protect you against the cold.


5. Goldwheat Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag



Just because you’re on the water doesn’t mean you want everything you own to get wet. This toiletry bag is perfect for stashing bathroom products, but it’s also super helpful for keeping other things dry, like batteries, cameras, and cords. They’re inexpensive enough that you can buy two – one for the bathroom and one for everything else.


With a little thought, you can easily buy the perfect gift for your favorite sailor. They’ll know that you’re thinking of them every time they use any of these and will appreciate the gear that you picked out specifically for them!