Gift Ideas for Female Runners 2020

Buying a great gift for your favorite female runner can be a bit tricky. They were probably up for hours before you getting in their long run and swear by running shoes that cost more than your power bill. If you have a runner in your life that you want to treat but aren’t sure what kind of gift they might like then picking something off of this list is a smart move.


1. Compression Socks



These socks are great for boosting recovery and helping with stamina, but compression socks tend to get a bad rep for being really ugly. Go ahead and get your favorite runner a cute pair that she’ll love to wear. From stripes and polka dogs to puppies or fish, there’s something here for everyone.


2. “She Believed She Could, So She Did” Shoelace Tags



Any runner will tell you that running is a mental game. While you do have to be in good shape to run, especially for long distances, it’s important that you keep your head in the game or you won’t be able to complete your run. These shoelace tags are a great reminder of thinking positive while running.


3. Sterling Silver Stick Figure Runner Necklace



It’s very possible that your favorite runner is thinking about running right now. Even when they can’t run, either because they’re sick or at work or making dinner, they’re mapping out their next run in their mind or thinking about how to improve their time. This sweet necklace is a nice reminder of their passion and what’s important to them.


4. Stretchy Running Gloves



If your favorite runner runs in the winter then her hands will get really cold. You can help protect her fingers on her winter runs with these warm gloves. The nice thing is that they will work with a touchscreen, meaning she can answer calls or change her playlist without having to take them off and get cold.


5. “I Run Like a Girl Try and Keep Up” T-shirt



She’s trained hard, so she deserves to brag. Let your favorite runner show off how fast she is in this cute and comfortable t-shirt. It’s perfect for relaxing at home or out on the town running errands. No matter where she wears it she’s sure to inspire someone to get out and run.


Don’t underestimate your favorite female runner. She’s strong and powerful and is sure to love one of these great gifts.