Gift Ideas for Pitbull Lovers 2020

If you have ever known anyone who has had a well-trained pitbull, you already know that the breed has been given a bad reputation because of some bad owners. These gifts for pitbull moms (and dads!) might not do much to help change that stigma, but they can make the pitbull lovers in your life very thankful. We’ve included a selection of pitbull home decor and clothing in this guide to help you get started.


1. Pitbull Head T-Shirt



Your friends can show off their favorite breed by wearing a giant picture of a pitbull’s face right on their chest. No one will mistake how much they love pitbulls when they show up wearing this!


2. Love-A-Bull Vinyl Decal



Your friends can’t always take their pitbull with them, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to show people how lovable their dog can be when you’re driving down the freeway, or if they are on their laptop in public. This vinyl sticker isn’t just for vehicles either, they can stick it on any flat surface, and removing it leaves no residue!


3. Pitbull Wooden Sign


This 10 inch by 5 1/2 inch wooden sign shows anyone entering your resident pitbull lover’s place that this house wouldn’t feel like a home without their trusty companion.


4. I Love My Pitbull Women’s Socks



Distinct and crazy socks are all the rage these days because they allow anyone to add a bit of their own style to an outfit that is a bit more standard or boring. Why not let your pitbull loving friends make a statement about their favorite breed of dog while also making a distinct style choice that lets them stand out of the crowd?


5. Pitbull Dad T-Shirt




If you know a proud pitbull papa, think about getting this shirt for them. It only comes in darker colors, but that means that they can wear it with almost anything, and that’s a huge plus when it comes to gift giving.


6. Pitbull Mom T-Shirt



Don’t think that we forgot about all of the pitbull moms out there, we wouldn’t want to cause any tension between pitbull parents out there. Give it to her in her favorite color, as this shirt comes in a good variety of colors with a white logo that will stand out.


7. I Love My Pitbull Baby Romper



Even baby can get in on promoting their love of their favorite breed in this adorable pitbull themed romper. Why not outfit the whole family so that they can show off how much they love their dog wherever they go?


8. Pitbull Lover’s Gift Box


If you’re not sure what to get for the pitbull lover in your life, why not get them this gift box. It features an adult sized t-shirt, a car magnet, street sign, a double handled leash with a Snap Pets button, and the wooden sign mentioned earlier. It should be easy for them to find something that they absolutely love in this set.


9. No Comment



A majestic cast-iron reminder of our duties as owners.