Gift Ideas for Nursing Students 2020

Nurses are the unsung heroes of a hospital, and if you know a nursing student then you likely know how hard they work and study to ensure that they will do a great job when they graduate. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a holiday, their birthday, or simply to let them know that you’re thinking of them, buying them a gift off of this list is sure to show them that you care and value what they do.


1. Syringe Pens and Highlighters



Your favorite nursing student is probably often nose-deep in a book studying and taking notes. You can add some levity to their classes, rotations, and study sessions with pens and highlighters that are shaped like syringes. They have to study, they might as well laugh a little while they do it.


2. “Trust Me I’m (Almost) a Nurse” T-shirt



They’re so close! Show them how proud you are and let everyone else know that they are almost done with their classes with this cute and comfortable t-shirt. It’s cozy enough to study or sleep in but still cute enough to run errands.


3. Medical Art Prints



These medical art prints look old and will add some class and mystery to their room. They’re a great conversation-starter and will constantly remind your favorite nursing student how much they love what they’re doing.


4. First Aid Sticky Notes



These cute sticky notes are shaped like different size bandages and tubes of ointment. They’re perfect for marking a place in a large nursing book or jotting down a quick note during class or while talking to a doctor.


5. Heartbeat Socks



Everyone knows that nurses spend a lot of time on their feet, so you might as well help them pamper their tired toes a little. These cute socks are super soft and cushioned so even at the end of a long shift their feet won’t ache. With heartbeats across them they’re a fun nod to their chosen profession.


6. “Nursing Mnemonics” Book



There are a lot of things for nursing students to learn, and mnemonic devices will help them learn and retain information. This book will make learning tricky or difficult things a breeze and help your favorite nursing student stay confident while working.


It’s easy to buy a gift for a nursing student, but getting a great one is a little trickier. You can show them that you care when you buy anything off of this list.