Gift Ideas for Nerdy Boyfriends 2020

If you’re dating a nerdy guy then you may think that you have it easy with gift giving. After all, most nerdy guys love comic books, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make a smart decision when picking one out. Instead of upsetting your boyfriend by buying the wrong Spiderman issue when he really wanted Superman, check out one of these gifts that are sure to please even the nerdiest of guys.


1. “Yoda One For Me” Coffee Mug



Combine your boyfriend’s love of coffee with his obsession with Star Wars and you’re sure to have a winner. This coffee mug is great because it will proclaim your love for him long after you have gone to bed and he’s stayed up playing video games or coding.


2. Nikola Tesla Candle



Not all nerds are into pop culture – some are obsessed with history and love Nikola Tesla. If you want to set the mood for your boyfriend or simply give him something to light his midnight studies, this candle is sure to do the trick.


3. “Geeks are Sexy” Bumper Sticker



The rest of the world may not agree, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proclaim how attractive you find your nerdy boyfriend. He may not want to put this on his car, but it would be perfect on his class folder, as well. He’ll be able to pick his lab notebook out of a large stack when he sticks this sticker on it.


4. “I Cook Meals Periodically” Cutting Board



Made from bamboo and ready to stand up to even the most vigorous chopping, this cutting board is emblazoned with The Periodic Table of the Elements. Everyone has to cook, and this way your boyfriend can study the placement of the elements while he does it. Maybe he’ll name one that he discovers after you.


5. The Notebook of Cthulhu



This is perfect if your nerdy boyfriend is into literature and likes to write down his thoughts. While there is plenty of space in this notebook for him to write, he’ll have to contend with Cthulhu‘s musings which are scattered through the pages.


Don’t wait until the last minute when buying a gift for your nerdy boyfriend. You want to make sure to get him something that he’ll enjoy, and remember: he probably knows more about it than you do. Picking something off this list will help you score brownie points.