Gift Ideas for Hippies 2020

Everybody has a favorite hippy in their lives. Maybe it’s your aunt, your best friend, or a sibling, but whoever it is, gifting them the perfect present can be fun and exciting. If you’re looking for an ideal gift for a hippy, check out the list below to see some great ideas that they’re sure to love!


Round Mandala Tapestry



Perfect for on the beach, having a picnic in the park, or even as a tablecloth, this round mandala is five feet across. This makes it a perfect size to sit on while enjoying the beautiful day or even to hang on the wall for a splash of color. The bright colors are sure to perk up anybody’s mood or day!


Tree of Life Necklace



For the hippy in your life who celebrates their relationship with nature and with the earth, this necklace is a wonderful way for them to express their love of the natural world. The gorgeous pendant on the necklace is a tree that has small rocks as leaves, and the roots and branches hold the tree woven in place in a circular pendant. It’s lovely, understated, and sure to become a favorite.


Hippie Mix Scented Candles



As great smelling as incense is, sometimes the mood or time calls for candles. Give your favorite hippy this three pack of candles that they can choose from depending on how they feel. The pack includes candles named “Incense”, “Bag o Cookies”, and “Cannabis”. Made from soy and high quality oil, these four-ounce candles are sure to make any room smell amazing.


Elephant Floral Print Crossbody Bag



Even hippies need a great bag to stash their stuff, and this one is large enough to hold everything important while still stylish enough that they won’t mind carrying it. The crossbody straps make it easy to carry, and the zippers and wood clasp will keep everything inside super safe.


16 Hippy Rubber Ducks



These rubber ducks are perfect for a themed party, as cake toppers, or even as party favors. They’re sure to make people nostalgic for the 50s and 60s when the hippies had their heyday and will brighten the mood no matter the occasion!


Choose from any of these above gifts to make the hippy in your life as happy as possible. No matter what you choose they’re sure to love the thought that you’ve put into making them so happy!