Gift Ideas for Gym Rats 2020

When a gym rat has a birthday, anniversary or other festive occasion on the horizon, nothing will make them smile more than unwrapping a gym related gift from one of their loved ones. The list below is sure to have something that will appeal to the gym rat in your life. From specialised workout drinks to gym equipment and exercise guides, this gift list will truly appeal to your muscular, strong, dedicated and quite frankly gym obsessed friends and family members.

1. Pat Manocchia: Anatomy of Exercise: A Trainer’s Inside Guide to Your Workout



This fascinating book gets right under your skin (literally – it contains plenty of pictures of the human body) and teaches you all about how a workout builds muscle, affects your cardiovascular system and more.


2. Workout Coffee Mug by Poster Explosion



You’re Stronger Than Your Excuses‘, says this ceramic mug. The ideal container for a pre-workout coffee, this is a fun, novelty item that is designed to make even the most serious of gym rats smile – and to keep them motivated.


3. My Icon Women’s Gym Rat Weightlifting T-Shirt



If your loved one owns the title of ‘gym rat’ and is proud of it, this is a great top to give them. Beneath the rat logo there are the numbers 24, 7 and 365 indicating that the true gym rat is in the gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – no doubt you will have to go to the gym to deliver them this gift!


4. AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand



When a gym rat returns home, they start to miss the gym immediately. This colorful, stackable set of dumbbells is designed to stand in their bedroom or front room and sate that craving for exercise. The smaller dumbbells can be used for light workouts, or for use during aerobics sessions or to make ab crunches a little more demanding.


5. GymPad Workout & Nutrition Journal



A daily planner with a difference: this slick black journal enables a gym rat to log, monitor and analyze their nutrition and workout stats to decipher which foods give them their personal best. Keeping track of things in this way is a vital step towards creating the optimum personal exercise and nutrition plan for you.


6. Extreme Gear Running Belt for Phone



No need to hold your iPhone awkwardly in your hand as you run. Slip it into this comfortable belt, and off you go. Motivational music can help a workout to go much more smoothly, and studies have shown that gym rats who work out to music tend to focus more, feel pain less and reach better and better personal bests.


7. Flammi Sport Cycling Fitness GYM Weightlifting Exercise Half Finger Gloves for Women



Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a gym rat’s life much easier. These gloves can be used for everything from gymnastics to cycling to weight lifting and they will make things much more comfortable for your loved one’s hands. No gym rat wants to have to lay off the weights due to a bad case of blisters.


8. Understanding Nutrition Poster by PosterFit



Nutrition is such a huge part of exercising well and yet navigating all the available information can be somewhat tricky. This glossy poster condenses everything into a few simple messages and it can be put up wherever it will be most useful: in the kitchen, beside the exercise machine or on the door of a cupboard containing gym equipment.


9. Gainz Baseball Cap by Young LA



A camo design and the word ‘Gainz’ emblazoned on the front – what more could a bodybuilder need? This cap is perfect for wearing on the way to the gym, or just for pairing casual outfits as a way of drawing attention to the fact that one is a ripped bodybuilding expert.


10. Happiness Home: I Can Bracelet



The small metal tag on this unisex bracelet is emblazoned with the message ‘I Can’. This could be just what the gym rat needs to see when they start to wonder whether they can complete that final push up, reach for that heavy weight or even open the door of their home to head down to the gym in the first place.


11. I’m Not A Gym Rat I’m A Gym Unicorn Iron On Patch by Apple Orange Gifts



Celebrate the fact that not all gym rats are alike by giving the unique gym loving unicorn in your life this patch. It can be sewn on to their gym bag, sweatband, t shirt or gym shorts to add personality to their workout.


12. Adidas Team Speed Duffel Bag



This attractive bag will keep all your gym rat’s gym kit safe and sound. Comfortable to carry slung over the shoulders it is also easy to wash and to keep smelling fresh. Very versatile, this bag can also be used as a holdall for weekends away.


13. Robiear: Women’s Workout T Shirt



Shut Up And Squat‘, advises this flattering black and white shirt. An appropriate message for any gym rat to see whenever they look in the mirror. Nice and breathable, it can be worn during a workout (especially squats one that involves, of course). Cool and stylish, it can also be worn with jeans or shorts for a chic and casual look.


14. Lab Rat Gifts WB010 Tritan “Gym Rat” Sports Bottle



Holding 25 oz. of liquid (whether that is plain water for hydration during workouts, or a special sports nutrition blend for slow release energy), this bottle is ideal for anyone who is both a science nerd and a gym rat. That is because of its motto: ‘Lab Rat By Day, Gym Rat By Night’. Chic with its purple and black design, it will look wonderful in a gym bag or placed beside an exercise bike.


15. GYM RAT ZONE Sign by Sign Mission



Serious gym rats do not want to be disturbed during a workout. This sign alerts anyone even thinking of interrupting a weight lifting session that they are entering a designated ‘Gym Rat Zone’ and as such should proceed with caution. This sign can be put in your exercise area, on your bedroom door, or on the door of your office to remind visitors that even though you may look like an office worker by day, you are always a gym rat at heart.