Gift Ideas for Guitar Players 2020

It’s unfortunate that guitar players sometimes have a reputation of being picky or difficult to buy for. While it is true that they usually remain faithful to their favorite type of guitar, there are still a lot of fun accessories that they will enjoy. Some of these might be out of their budget, or not something that they considered ever owning, but all of these gifts are sure to wow your favorite guitar player. Read on for some delightful gifts that will win you front row seats to their next show!


Multiple Guitar Stand

It seems like guitars have a tendency to multiple. What may start out as a hobby with just one guitar over time can morph into something more. A multiple guitar stand can hold more than one guitar – often up to five. This streamlines the room, cleans up floor space, and makes a guitar collection into an eye-catching display. The guitar player in your life will love this gift and how it shows off their prettiest and nicest guitars.


Guitar Theory Books

No matter your skill level, there’s always something to learn about the guitar. This book from 2005 is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in learning how to play this instrument. It discusses the basics of playing the guitar and advances through more complex topics. The accompanying recordings are a perfect fit to help the reader hear what is being discussed in the book. When the guitar player in your life is ready to get serious about music, this is the theory book that they need (even if they don’t know it yet!).


Travel Guitar

A lighter guitar is always easier to travel with, and so the travel guitar was born. Gone are the days of lugging a heavy case with a full guitar in it. Public transit is a lot more manageable with a travel guitar. Guitar players won’t have to sacrifice sound quality either – the volume is quite impressive, and the guitar is really responsive to fingerpicking. This travel guitar is also perfect for those who enjoy the nomad lifestyle or are looking to downsize into a smaller living space. This is “the” travel guitar.


New Strap

Although guitar straps can be almost as personal a choice as picks, there are some really neat straps out there that are sure to appeal to most guitar players. As far as guitar accessories go, straps are abused and can often stand to be replaced. They can get sweaty and dirty from rubbing on clothing and most guitar players don’t take the time to wash them or really take care of them. A stylish vintage tweed strap will look great on almost any guitar and the guitar player in your life will like being able to finally get rid of their old smelly strap. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it, too.


Rubber Strap Locks

Strap locks are a convenient way of making sure their guitar doesn’t fall off whilst they’re standing. You just stretch the rubber washer between the strap and the strap button on the guitar. A perfect companion for a new strap. If they own multiple electric guitars, then you might consider buying a set for each.


Guitar Strap Pick Holder

Keep them in the zone when playing with this guitar strap pick holder.


Bulk Sets of Strings

You can save a fair amount of money when you purchase a bulk set of guitar strings for the guitar lover in your life. Unfortunately, strings can sometimes be easy to break, either through over tuning or playing too rough, and waiting for replacements can really put a damper on practice. A bulk pack of strings (for either an electric or an accoustic guitar) can be a lifesaver in a pinch. While guitar players should keep extra strings around in their guitar case in case of emergency, most don’t, and you can be a hero when you purchase these as a gift.


New Instrument Cables

They always need new cables.


“Make Your Own” Pick Puncher

Picks are a favorite way for guitarists to show their personalities, but finding ones that are exactly what they want can sometimes be tricky. Take away the guesswork of buying the perfect pick and let the guitar player in your life make their own! This pick puncher comes with ten strips of rocker-inspired patterns to choose from as well as a smoother to clean up any rough edges. This pick puncher can be used with other material as well – not just the included pick strips. Think about hotel keys, expired reward cards, or old credit cards. The possibilities are about endless and the picks created will be truly customized!


100 Assorted Picks

If you think punching their own picks would be too much effort for your guitarist, why not get them a massive assortment of plectrums. Sure, they’re going to lose some every time they play, but they’ll think of you every time they go to fetch a new one.


Guitar to USB Cable

If recording is on the brain, then a cheap analogue to USB cable can help them get their thoughts onto the computer. A great gift if they write music or collaborate with friends remotely.


Guitar Maintenance Gear

A guitar care kit can help them maintain their favorite instrument for years to come.


Pocket Practice Neck

There are certain places where it is tricky to bring a full size or travel guitar. Guitar players know that daily practice is key to being a better player, and so it can be frustrating when they’re unable to access their instrument to practice. With a pocket practice neck, they can avoid this problem. With real guitar strings and high-quality craftsmanship, it’s the perfect tool for daily practice when guitar players are separate from their instruments. It’s perfect to work on finger dexterity and to practice complex chords. Guitar players of all levels will love the ease at which they can practice – no matter where they are!


Portable Practice Amp

This mini amp weighs in a just under a pound and can easily be carried on the belt. But your guitar player won’t have to worry about a cheap or tinny sound – it has a crisp, clear sound that won’t bother the neighbors. With control settings to achieve different sound tweaks, any guitar fan will be able to find a way to enjoy this pocket amp.


Crybaby Wah Pedal

Pedals are some of the most fun accessories that can be used with electric guitars. They create a signature and timeless sound that great guitar players throughout the ages have used in their music. This foot-controlled pedal can change your guitarist’s playing and add some funky effects to it. This Crybaby Pedal is one of the best-known effects available and is sure to be a hit, no matter the skill level of the player!


Clip On Tuner

Tuning an instrument can be an absolute pain. With a clip on tuner, this task can go from being a hassle to a quick part of playing. The face of the tuner rotates a full 360 degrees, making it easy to see the readings from any angle. As guitarists become more proficient with tuning, they may not need this for solo practice, but it’s a perfect gift for the beginner or a player who just needs a little help with their tuning, and essential for anyone who plays with other musicians.


Headphone Amplifier

One for late night solo sessions.


Build Your Own Guitar Kit

This is the ultimate in gifts for guitar lovers. Not only will they be able to play the guitars that they bought, but they can enjoy feeling pride in one that they made! This kit comes with everything needed to make a working guitar – the body is ready and the hardware is all included. The unfinished and raw wood is just waiting to be personalized. You don’t need to look any farther for the gift that guitarists won’t stop talking about – it’s right here.

From making picks to building their own guitar, you’re sure to find an amazing gift for the guitarist in your life. The gifts on this list range from necessary (straps, strings, and picks) to just plain fun (pocket practice amp and tuner). No matter what you buy, any guitarist would be thrilled to receive a gift from this list. Playing an instrument is a gift – make sure that they have the right accessories!