Gift Ideas for Gardeners Who Have Everything 2020

Digging in the dirt and weeding all morning might not sound fun to you, but to a gardener it’s heaven. A little hard labor has never stopped an avid gardener from spending the day outside, and the winter can be especially hard on them while they wait for the chance to plant more seeds. Surprise the gardener in your life with one of these gifts and watch them blossom!


Ecosphere Aquarium

Unfortunately for gardeners, they usually have to have a job that isn’t spend playing in the flowers. For those who sit behind a desk or have an office it can be nice to help them bring a little nature inside with them. The ecosphere aquarium is a great way to do this. Complete with shrimp, bacteria, and algae, these ecospheres can help gardeners find some peace during their busy days.


Flower Press

When nothing’s blooming in the dead of winter it can be nice to have some of last year’s beauty inside. With this thoughtful gift gardeners will be able to save the most gorgeous blooms from their garden. The press is easy to use and will create vibrant dried flowers that are perfect for framing or using in other art. This gift will help your favorite gardener surround themselves with the beauty of summer all year long!


Garden Fire Pit

There are few things more wonderful than propping up your feet after a long day in the sun. Help your gardener relax a little when the work is done with a gorgeous fire pit. They’re perfect for helping dispose of yard trash and also for roasting a marshmallow or two. Who knows – you may even be invited over for a campfire when you give this gift! It’s the perfect way to wind down and a wonderful conversation piece when company is over.


Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are a fun and clever way to plant seeds without worrying about babying seedlings for weeks. With three kinds to choose from – salad greens, herbs, and edible flowers – you’re sure to find some that your gardener will love. It’s immensely satisfying to throw the bombs and then let nature do the work for you. The bomb will break apart, aided by rain, and grow where it was thrown.


Ceramic Hanging Vases

Hanging vases are fun hanging planters that are perfect for in a window. Gardeners can bring a little nature inside their house with this fun gift and fight off the winter doldrums with a bit of green. At under 3 inches in height and width, they’re perfect for little succulents or air plants. When a mass of them is hung together the effect can be quite striking, and since they’re small and easy to move, a cooped-up gardener can have a lot of fun getting them exactly how they want. The white color will match any décor and keep gardeners from going crazy during the long winter months.


Sky Planters

For the gardener who wants a funkier way to display air plants, skip the usual vase and go for a sky planter. Inverted gardening is fast become a cool way to garden and to keep plants growing both outside and inside. Simply plant your desired plant, hang the sky planter upside down, and fill the water reservoir located at the now-top of the planter. Gardeners will love that ease at which they can grow neat and unusual plants indoors. This planters will be a hit with your favorite gardener – inverted gardening is gaining traction in the gardening community, but not many people will have ever seen this design before!


Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

Every gardener should at some time try to grow an avocado tree. Most people try to balance the pit of an avocado using toothpicks to hold it at the perfect depth in water. This is a quick way to have a moldy avocado pit and dirty water, as it can be tricky to change the water without damaging plant growth. This neat avocado tree grower removes the guesswork of changing water and nurturing an avocado seed. It holds the seed and floats on water, allowing just enough of the seed to come in contact with the water. It’s easy to lift out to change the water if necessary and has a higher success rate in growing avocado trees than toothpicks do.


Boot Scraper

Help your favorite gardener leave the dirt outside with a tough and durable boot scraper. With built-in rust protection to last for years and stiff bristles to clean even the dirtiest of shoes, this boot scraper will help cut down on inside chores and let gardeners be exactly where they want to be – outside.


Tiered Succulent Planter


The Garden Gnome

This is The Garden Gnome. They might feign embarrassment about owning one, but it’s something they’ve secretly coveted for a long time. Probably.


Grow Your Own Cocktails

It’s a good thing to have home-grown garnishes for alcoholic beverages on hand.


The Drunken Botanist

To go with the ‘Grow Your Own Cocktails’ kit, The Drunken Botanist by Amy Steward will assist any gardener looking to understand more about their favorite tipples.


For the cooped-up gardener or one who is in the middle of growing season, a thoughtful gift is always appreciated. You can be sure that your gift will be loved for years to come when you choose something from this list!