Gift Ideas for Couch Potatoes 2020

Pretty much everyone loves coming home from work and vegging out on the couch for a bit before bed. It’s a great way to relax and relieve stress, but for some people it goes far beyond that. If you know someone in your life who is a true couch potato and seems to be clued to the couch any chance they have, then you may find them a little tricky to buy a gift for. Don’t worry – this list will have you covered.


1. Potato on a Couch T-shirt



You favorite couch potato may as well admit what they are. This cute t-shirt has a potato laying on a couch just like they enjoy doing. It’s comfortable and easy to wash, so any crumbs that they drop on it will come right out without leaving a stain.


2. “Couch Aerobics for Couch Potatoes” Ebook



Chances are good that your favorite couch potato knows they should be exercising more than they do, but it can be just so hard to get off the couch to do it. Now they’ll have no excuse when you give them this book – it’s packed with fun and zany exercises they can do without even having to leave their favorite spot.


3. “Couch Potato Advocate” Garden Flag



This cute flag will let everyone know what the recipient stands for – being a couch potato. It’s perfect to display in the garden or by the front stoop, or even can be pinned on the wall behind the couch to let everyone know that they’re in the domain of a couch potato.


4. Automatic Ball Launcher and Thrower for Dogs



Some couch potatoes have dogs, and nothing gets in the way of a tv binging session faster than a dog who wants to play. This launcher is perfect – all they have to do is drop a ball in and it will throw it for the dog to retrieve.


5. Couch Potato Soy Candle



If your favorite couch potato is too busy watching TV to clean then this yummy smelling candle may be just what they need to keep the house fresh and airy smelling. As a soy candle, it will have a long burn time to ensure a great smelling house.


While movies and DVDs are always welcome by a couch potato, one of these fun gifts will be appreciated. They are sure to make the recipient laugh and let them know that you care.