Gift Ideas for Construction Workers 2020

Construction workers work really hard and often spend long days out in the hot sun. It’s important to show your favorite construction worker that you care about them and appreciate all that they do. While many people will default to a gift certificate to a local restaurant, buying a gift that relates to their job can be a fun and lighthearted way to show that you are thinking about them.


1. “Instant Construction Worker: Just Add Coffee: T-shirt



Everyone knows that construction workers rely on coffee to get them up and moving in the morning. Without it, getting to the jobsite early would be way too difficult. This shirt is funny and true, and when you buy it in the bright orange we all associate with construction zones, will help you favorite worker fit right in.


2. Magnetic Wristband



This wristband is adjustable with velcro and has a really strong magnet in it that makes it perfect for holding loose nails and screws while someone is working. Your favorite construction worker will love how lightweight it is and how strong the magnet is, allowing them to hold onto tiny pieces that might otherwise get dropped.


3. Compression Foot Sleeves



Being on your feet all day can really hurt, but these compression foot sleeves will alleviate heel pain, provide arch support, and give relief to plantar fasciitis pain. If your construction worker suffers from painful feet at the end of the day, these foot sleeves will really help them feel a lot better while they’re working.


4. Gloves in a Bottle Lotion



There are few things more painful than trying to work when your hands are dry and cracked, especially in the winter. This lotion is well known for how well it coats hands and how quickly it adds moisture back into dry skin.


5. Personalized Engraved Monogrammed Leather Tool Belt



Perfect for the construction worker starting their own business or who regularly misplaces their tools, this tool belt will keep everything in one location. Nobody will accidentally take their tools when they’re in a labeled tool belt. In addition, the leather will get soft over time and become more and more comfortable to wear, meaning your construction worker will never forget it.


Don’t leave your favorite construction worker out of the fun of getting great gifts. From funny to useful, there’s something on this list that would be perfect for the construction worker in your life.