Gift Ideas for Civil War Buffs 2020

History buffs are a special group of people. They often obsess over different times in history and know more than the average person about various events. Civil War buffs can be difficult to shop for as their interests are so specific. If you want to buy a great gift for your favorite civil war buff but are drawing a blank on what they might like, read on for some ideas that are sure to please.


1. Gatling Gun Replica Pencil Sharpener



Everyone needs a pencil sharpener for their desk, and this replica of a Civil War gatling gun is perfect for your favorite history buff. Not only will it get their pencils nice and sharp, it will also act as a great conversation starter.


2. Authentic Civil War Bullets in Display Case



There are few things cooler than owning an actual piece of history, and these authentic bullets from the Civil War are sure to excite your favorite history buff. You’ll get extra points if you can tell them which battle they came from, but either way they’re sure to be a hit.


3. Deluxe Union Kepi Hat



This hat is perfect for the Civil War reenactor. Even if your favorite history buff doesn’t get involved in reenactments, they’ll love the authenticity of this hat and it’s great craftsmanship. It’s the perfect addition to any Civil War buff’s collection.


4. Civil War Generals Placemat



This placemat makes learning the generals of the Civil War fast and easy. While your favorite Civil War buff may already know this information, if they have kids it’s a great way for them to pass on their love of history. It will make mealtime educational as well as easy to clean up.


5. Abraham Lincoln Life Size Cardboard Standup



For the Civil War buff who has everything – this life size cardboard standup of Abraham Lincoln is sure to get a laugh or two. When you’re shopping for someone who is especially difficult to buy a great gift for, this cutout is sure to do the trick. It’s a great finisher in a room dedicated to the Civil War and can be used at theme parties or for a Civil War photoshoot.


Don’t despair when looking for a great Civil War themed gift for your favorite history buff. While they may already have a great collection of Civil War items, there’s sure to be something on this list that stands out from everything else.