Gift Ideas for Cigar Lovers 2020

It’s understandable that trying to find the best gift ever for the special cigar enthusiast in your life can be a rather difficult experience. The go-to is typically more cigars, but as we all know, those get used up, and oftentimes when we buy special gifts, we want the receiver to be able to hold onto such things forever. So what kind of a gift does one get for a cigar enthusiast? Let us help you with that. We will explore a few examples in this article!


A leather carrying case

This leather carrying case is a wonderful gift to give to any loved one who is crazy about cigars. It is constructed from stainless steel which is then tightly nestled within genuine and gorgeous leather. This is entirely smash proof, so your loved one can carry their favorite cigars in style and completely worry-free that they will break in this lovely carrying case.


Chocolate Cigars

It’s been found that rich tasting food and drinks are often paired very well with cigars. What better gift than chocolate cigars?! They’re a little bit silly, but taste amazing and are sure to get a giggle and satisfaction both out of the receiver of your gift.


Special Car Ashtray

While not every cigar enthusiast smokes in their vehicle, there are many that do. If the person you’re trying to get a gift idea for does, though, then this one might be the perfect gift for you! It’s a stark stainless steel that can hold any size of cigar! The top also closes down when needed so the smell of a half-smoked cigar does not linger through the rest of the vehicle. It is not only gorgeous to look at, but incredibly convenient as well!


An Imported Humidor

There are many different types of cases, holsters, humidors, and safes that cigar enthusiasts choose to keep their favorite cigars in while they’re not being used. These are incredibly useful tools, and while your favorite cigar lover may have one or two already, do they have an imported one? How about an imported one that is not only glossed in high-quality rose wood gloss, but is also scratch resistant, can hold up to one hundred cigars of many different sizes, is red felt lined, and also has a brass encased hydrometer to ensure that the cigars are neither too dry or too heated? If not, then this is a beautiful and timeless gift idea!