Gift Ideas for Biologists 2020

While some people spend their lives inside when working, biologists can often be found outdoors, trudging through the muck and mud in search of something to study. It’s this wild spirit that you need to celebrate when choosing a gift for your favorite biologist, but it’s also this wild spirit that can make picking the perfect gift really tricky. For some tried and true options that are sure to please, read on!


1. “Trust Me I’m a Biologist” Sports Water Bottle



A regular water bottle won’t work for your favorite biologist. They need something tough that can stand up to their job, and this metal bottle will do just that. It comes with a sports top and a carabiner so that it can easily be attached to a belt or backpack. Their drink will stay cool and safe in this bottle, and they’ll love the design.


2. “Biologist Take Celfies” Tote Bag



This fun and whimsical bag is perfect for any biologist who has to carry books or papers around with them. It’s sturdy enough for a laptop or tablet and the thick straps won’t cut into their shoulders. They’re sure to get a chuckle out of the saying and the cute drawings of different cells on the side of the bag.


3. Microscope T-shirt



This super soft t-shirt is perfectly understated. If your favorite biologists tends to be a little quieter and doesn’t want to proclaim their passion for everyone to hear then this is the shirt for them. Rather than declaring their job, this microscope is an attractive symbol of what they do.


4. ‘I Never Dreamed I Would be a Super Cool Biologist But Here I Am Killing It’ Coffee Mug


Of course your favorite biologist will need coffee to get up and moving in the morning, and this is the perfect mug for them. Whether they leave it at home or take it into the office, it will be a great little pick-me-up and make them feel great about their job.


5. “Trust Me I’m a Biologist” Garden Flag



This cute garden flag is perfect for your biologist. It can be used as intended – outside – or hung on the wall in an office. Either way, this flag will make your recipient smile. While they may not always be able to tell people to calm down and trust them, this flag will do it for them.


Any one of these gifts is sure to please a biologist! They’ll love you for thinking out of the box.