Gift Ideas for Bearded Men 2020

Bearded men take a lot of pride in their beards. After all, not everyone can grow one and some men who try just shouldn’t. Healthy facial hair takes work though. Read on for some wonderful gift ideas to help your favorite bearded man take pride in his beard (and also a gift to help them party!).


Beard Shampoo

Using regular shampoo on a beard is never a good idea. The formulas are completely different and regular shampoo can cause some unwanted side effects such as itching. With a dedicated beard shampoo that contains bees wax and various natural oils, men can combat the itch and guarantee that their beards are clean, soft, and fluffy. Gone are the days of unclean beards – give this shampoo and rejoice in the clean beard to follow!


Grooming Cape

While some people prefer to go to the barber when they need a trim other men like to take care of business at home. Unfortunately for their plumbing, this often means that hair falls down the sink and can cause clogs. A grooming cape is easy to use and to store in a small pouch. It’s similar to a salon apron – it catches the trimmed hair and contains it – but is superior in design. Bearded men everywhere will love the suction cup design that holds the cape up to keep all hair from falling into the sink and on the floor. If you are lucky enough to live with a bearded man then this is a gift you’ll want to give him!


Boar Bristle Brush

Free of synthetic bristles, a boar bristle brush is sturdy enough to tackle even the curliest beard. It will make short work of brushing through a beard, cleaning it of dandruff while evenly spreading styling wax. Your skin will love the mini massage that it provides when you use it as your follicles are stimulated and your natural oils are evenly distributed. Bearded men everywhere will love that this rugged brush can stand up to years of use!


Beard Care Oil Set

It’s an oil care set.


‘Groomarang’ Beard Template Comb Tool

It’s a template for trimming. It doesn’t come back when you throw it, though.



Although bearded men tend to put off a tough vibe, we all know that they love to party. With beardaments they’re ready to be the star of the next Christmas party. The twelve ornaments in this set clip into the beard – no slipping out due to cheap hooks. They’re sure to be a hit with your favorite bearded man and are quite the conversation piece!


Remember: bearded men are just like the rest of us, but their beards do make them a little bit cooler. You’ll score some awesome points with them when you get them one of these amazing gifts!