Gift Ideas for Ballerinas 2019

If you have a ballerina in your life – whether a child or an adult – you may want to sometime give them a gift that represents their passion. People who dance feel like it is their calling and love spending time perfecting their moves. No matter the holiday or reason for the gift, anything on this list will be greatly appreciated by your favorite ballerina.


1. Ballerina Jewelry Stand



This gorgeous stand is the silhouette of a ballerina in a beautiful pose. Her long limbs and graceful pose make it easy to hand jewelry on her. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets will all look wonderful on this ballerina and it will free up space on a vanity or dresser.


2. Ballerina Socks



While your favorite ballerina may want to wear ballet shoes all the time, that’s not always feasible. With these socks, though, she can pretend. They look like gorgeous ballet slippers that are tied up around the leg.


3. “Just a Girl Who Loves Ballet” T-shirt



This fun t-shirt is a great way for your favorite ballerina to show her love of ballet even off the stage. It’s cute and comfortable and perfect with jeans or even a skirt. No matter where she wears it, she’s sure to get a complement or two from other ballerinas who are just as passionate as she is.


4. Dancing Ballerina Necklace



This gorgeous necklace is all silver except for the multi-colored stones in the ballerina’s tutu. It’s just the perfect size, no matter the age of your favorite ballerina, and is sure to inspire her to want to dance even more than she already does.


5. Musical Ballerina Snowglobe



This fun snowglobe would make a great addition to any ballerina’s room. It’s gentle tune is lovely, and the glitter that falls around the ballerina inside is quite pretty when you shake it. While ballerinas can’t dance all the time, they can dream about it.


6. “Dance Like No One is Watching” Composition Book Journal


This journal is perfect for your favorite ballerina to write down her thoughts or even to take to class. Who knows, she may even begin writing her first original dance! On the cover are the feet of a ballerina “on pointe”, which is difficult and something for ballerinas to aspire to.


When you want to pamper your favorite ballerina then anything on this list is sure to do the trick!