Gift Ideas For Autistic Adults 2020

Buying a gift for anybody in your life can be a difficult experience, but there is an added pressure when the person you are trying to find something for is autistic and an adult. There are plenty of toys on the market that are aimed at children living with autism, but when it comes to gift buying for adults on the spectrum, options tend to become somewhat more limited. If you are currently in the predicament of trying to find the perfect gift for an autistic adult in your life, then take a look through this list of ideas that we think make for great presents.



This jellyfish tower is a great gift because its five different color settings provide wonderful sensory stimulation, and has the effect of adding some ‘life’ to a room without any of the time consuming and messy clean up that a pet requires!


2. Hoberman Sphere



Sure, it’s a toy, but not all toys are just for children! This original Hoberman sphere is great because it provides lots of different sensory stimulation from its bright colours to its changing size and shape. It’s a great gift to play with, particularly if fidgeting is a problem.


3. Strobotop



This fun gadget gives the player all the control and allows them to experience some visual stimulation in the form of LED animation. It’s a very simple product that has a big impact which is the perfect kind of gift to give somebody living with autism. It’s really engaging fun that captures the imagination.


4. Fidget Dice



This little fidget toy is something of a Kickstarter phenomenon, with millions of dollars donated to its cause before manufacture. This little six-sided dice is packed with different buttons, switches and textures to make for the perfect fidget antidote. Fidget toys can help to keep a person occupied and reduce their stress and anxiety levels whilst out in public.


5. Enclosed Trampoline



Who says that trampolines are only for little kids!? The experience of bouncing on a trampoline can be very therapeutic and fun for somebody with autism, but it’s also incredibly important to keep them as safe as possible during the process, therefore a trampoline with heavy duty enclosing it the perfect solution. Just make sure they have enough space!


6. Weighted Blanket



It has been proven that the sensation of laying underneath a weighted blanket can have an extremely calming effect on an autistic person, giving them a sense of security and comfort that a regular blanket just cannot do. These blankets are especially great for adults who might not have the best time trying to get to sleep at night.


7. Vibrating Roll Pillow



Vibrating roll pillows are often used in therapy massage because of the calm and provides just gives them another outlet through which to relieve bouts of anxiety or just find more comfort within their daily routines.


8. Lazer Star Projector



Vibrant visual stimulation is something autistic individuals really benefit from, from childhood all the way through adulthood. A great way to incorporate this kind of stimulation in their lives is through something like this. A lazer star projector can be set up in a bedroom or a living room and turned on to create a wonderful, bright lights show in the dark.

9. Pin Art Block



These pin art blocks are a classic of Christmas stocking fillers, but they can also actually be really helpful in terms of autism because they provide a diverse range of sensory experiences from the touch to the sound to the sight of the patterns that are made with hands and other body parts.


10. Teen Talk



Young adults with autism can often find it hard to make friends because their social skills may not be as advanced as other teenagers, but a small gift like this Teen Talk game can be very helpful. It is packed full of conversation starters and talking points that can get the ball rolling with little stress or anxiety.

11. B Calm Auditory Listening System



This is a very cool piece of kit that acts as an autism specific listening and looking tablet device. There are built in sound tracks like spring rain, summer forest and tropical beach. There’s also more than 100 included images that are specifically designed to help calm the stresses or anxieties of an individual. You can also customise the system with your own additions.


12. Cocoon Bean Bag Chair



Autistic individuals can often feel very vulnerable in big open spaces, and the idea of a big cocoon bean bag chair is that it gives them a space that sort of moulds around their body and gives them a great sense of comfort and safety. It also doesn’t hurt that they are super comfortable to settle into either!


13. Emoji Stress Balls



Stress balls aren’t just for busy executives. They are a great accessory to buy because not only do they provide great sensory stimulation in the way that they move and mold to your touch, but they can also provide a great source of concentration and distraction when things might start to get a bit overwhelming.

14. Holographic Newton’s Cradle



Newton’s Cradle is a classic ‘toy’ that not only kids love but can also be seen on plenty of adults’ desks all over the world. Not only is it a fun accessory for all, but this specific holographic version can be very effective in helping autistic individuals, with the colour changing affect adding to the therapeutic nature of the movement.


15. Constructor Straws



Building games aren’t just for kids you know. Lego is more popular with adults than ever! This fun set that contains 100 interconnecting plastic straws provides a great experience in concentration, imagination and gets the user’s motor skills involved to help with sensory stimulation. It’s a great time waster for both kids and adults!
The important thing to remember when buying gifts for autistic adults is to think of the benefits the item provides. It should stimulate and interest in either and auditory or tensile sense or should provide distraction and/or relief.