Gift Ideas for Architects 2020

When you have a friend or family member who is an architect you may struggle sometimes when trying to buy them a great gift. If you have ever had trouble picking a great gift then read on for a few choices that are sure to please, no matter the age of your favorite architect!


1. Crumpled Blueprint Paperweight



This paperweight is perfect for holding down all of the important papers on your favorite architect’s desk. They’ll love that it looks like crumpled blueprints because chance are there are number of blueprints crumpled in their trash right now.


2. Coffee Mug with Blueprints of Famous Buildings



This coffee mug is the bright blue that architects seem to love and is covered with blueprints from famous buildings around the world. Everyone knows that architects need a lot of coffee to get up and moving in the morning and to keep their ideas flowing, and if you gift a pound of your favorite coffee with this mug it’s sure to be a hit!


3. Architectural Infinity Scarf



This gorgeous scarf is covered in architectural drawings. It’s infinity design means that your recipient will never struggle with getting it to look great on, and the soft feel of the fabric will be enjoyable all fall and winter. It’ll look great with any outfit and draw attention to their chosen profession!


4. Blueprint Spiral Bound Notebook



Architects are creative people, and this notebook is the perfect place for them to write down all of their thoughts. Your recipient will love that it’s spiral bound so it’s easy to write on both sides of the paper and the hard cover will keep all the notes from being damaged when the notebook is thrown in a bag or purse.


5. Minimalist Architect T-shirt



This shirt is perfect for people who want to share that they are an architect but don’t want to get in people’s face about it. It’s a clever design and one that is sure to make both the wearer and other people smile. Made of soft fabric it’s comfortable enough to wear with jeans around the house on a project or perfect for heading out to grab a bite to eat.


Don’t leave your favorite architect out of the gift giving this upcoming holiday. These gifts are sure to please and will make them smile and appreciate that you know exactly what is important to them.