Gift Ideas for Police Officers 2020

If you know and love a police officer then you know that buying gifts for them can sometimes be a little tricky. They often spend half a day at a time trapped in their car, most don’t have a permanent office, and they carry everything that they need to do their job well with them at all times. Don’t let picking a great gift for them be harder than it has to with one of these ideas that they are sure to love.


1. “I Like Big Busts and I Cannot Lie” Coffee Mug



Long hours require a lot of caffeine and a good sense of humor, and the police officer that you give this mug to will have to have both to appreciate it’s tongue in cheek humor. Every police officer loves being involved in a big bust, and when you give this mug with some strong coffee you’ll be sure to set them up for a long night of hunting bad guys.


2. Chaos Ready Tactical Pen



Everyone has to write, but this pen will allow your favorite police officer to stay safe at the same time. It comes with an LED flashlight, glass breaker, and DNA catcher making it the all in one pen that every officer needs to be able to do their job easily and quickly.


3. St. Michael Police Officer Prayer Visor Clip



Being a police officer comes with a lot of danger, and this visor clip will let your favorite officer know that you are thinking about them all of the time. It clips out of the way on their visor but is still a great reminder.


4. “Be Safe Always Come Home to Me” Keychain



This keychain is a great gift for the police officer you love and it will remind them of how much you care and how important they are to you. It’s a small reminded that’s always with them and will have them thinking about you.


5. Personalized Thin Blue Line Art



This art is perfect for retirement, the holidays, or a birthday. While it can’t go in a car, if your officer gets a promotion and has an office or a space at home for police items then this will fit right in.


You don’t have to look far for great gifts for your favorite police office. Any one of these on this list will be sure to elicit a smile and let them know that you care.