Gift Ideas for Engineers 2020

Shopping for an engineer can be tricky. They are often so specialized in their work and tend to know exactly what they want. In addition to knowing what they want, engineers tend to take care of their needs and buy themselves trinkets and toys for their hobbies. To really surprise your favorite engineer you’ll have to think outside of the box when giving a gift. Any gift idea on this list is sure to please!


1. Engineer Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug



This mug is a great way for engineers to get their morning caffeine and get ready for the day. With daily values listed for pride, critical thinking and unrivaled skill, among others, this coffee mug provides a little pick-me-up whenever it is used.


2. 5 in 1 Ballpoint with Stylus



This pen comes with a ruler, stylus, level, flathead screwdriver and philips screwdriver, making it the perfect tool for most engineers. No matter if they’re in the office or out on a jobsite they can pull out their multi-use pen to prove a point, make adjustments, or tighten a loose screw. This pen will quickly become their favorite since it has so many uses.


3. Tesla Patent Wall Art Prints



This set of six wall art prints featuring some of Tesla’s patents make great conversations pieces as well as being perfect for decorating an office. They’re sure to inspire your favorite engineer to work hard and dream big, and everyone in the building will love stopping by to check them out.


4. “You Know You Are an Engineer…” Book



This quirky book is a fun commentary on engineers and other critical thinkers. If it’s been said about engineers then it is probably in this book. Your recipient will laugh as they see themselves reflected in the pages of this fun book.


5. “I’m an Engineer – To Save Time Let’s Just Assume I’m Never Wrong” T-shirt



This clever shirt will perfectly express how confident your favorite engineer is. While they may sometimes be wrong, they’re likely to deny it, and this t-shirt will express that opinion. They’ll love wearing it out in public, but it’s also comfortable enough to lounge around the house in.


No matter what gift you choose for your favorite engineer, you’ll want to put thought and effort into picking it. As technically-minded people they’ll analyze your gift, so choose something from this list and rest easy that they’ll love it.