Gift Ideas for a Nurse Preceptor 2020

There are various ways in which one can show gratitude especially to someone who has mentored you such as a nurse preceptor. One of the ways you can show gratitude and appreciation is via a gift. However, in most cases, it’s challenging to identify that perfect gift for that person who has been nothing but helpful and encouraging through the frustrating shifts and disappointing moments. The question of what gift is thoughtful and appropriate makes it difficult to make a choice for a gift. There are various gifts that you can give to your nurse preceptor to show your appreciation.

1. A Unique Nurse Preceptor Mug

A nurse preceptor mug is a thoughtful way to show appreciation to the nurse who took the time to mentor you. There is a variety of refreshing colors, designs, and sizes that one can choose from. The mugs are made of great quality materials and have an excellent finishing. The handles are also very comfortable to hang on to. This gift is durable and therefore will be a long time reminder of a well-done job.

2. A t-shirt

A nursing t-shirt makes a great gift because it is possible to personalize it for the nurse preceptor. There is a sense of pride that comes along with wearing something that indicates an accomplishment and thus a great gift. To make for an even more thoughtful gift the t-shirt can be in the preceptor’s favorite color.

3. Best Nurse Preceptor Tote Bag

This tote bag gives your nurse preceptor a chance to carry his or her belongings in style while still feeling appreciated for a good job. The bags are made of natural material that is well stitched and can be customized to make them even more personal. This can be done through images and words that convey appreciation message. The bags are versatile, classy, and durable and are available in various attractive colors.

4. NICU nurse bumper sticker

A bumper sticker that is a token of appreciation from an individual that you have mentored does more than just entertain the cars queued behind you in traffic. It shows off one of your achievements in your career. The materials used to make the bumper sticker are high quality and durable such that they outlast torrential rains as well as harsh sunlight. The text that is personalized to the nurse preceptor is printed with water resistant ink to ensure that it does not fade thus making it a durable gift.

5. Nurse preceptor THANK YOU Keychain

Almost everybody has a keychain, but few people can say have a keychain that is sentimental. This gift sets the teacher’s keys apart from the rest. You can personalize the key chain by creating your design or select from the existing ones. The keychain has a sturdy clasp that helps to keep the keys together and securely. The keychain is made of quality material that is waterproof to ensure that it holds up to wear and tear.

6. Nurse Preceptor Thank YOU card

A thank you card is one of the simplest but thoughtful gifts that one could present to a nurse preceptor. One can select vibrant colors and print a message of gratitude. The thank you card is made of a fantastic material that is also durable. In addition to being an excellent gift, it is also very affordable.

7. Nurse preceptor THANK YOU Travel Mug

A gorgeous thank you travel mug goes a long way in showing how grateful a person is. The travel mugs are attractively designed and are made of quality and durable material. The mug is also designed in a way that maintains the temperatures of the liquid making it easier for someone who is traveling. The lid of the cup comes off quickly which ensures that one does not get hurt when opening it. The print that is labeled Thank You indicates how thoughtful and personal the gift is.

8. Nurse Preceptor THANK YOU mouse pad

A custom mouse pad is a great accessory for the office or home mouse. This can be personalized with a thank you message as well as images. There exists a wide variety of designs to choose from. The custom mouse pads are made of quality material that not only protects the mouse from scratch and debris but also looks great. The nurse preceptor will love this thoughtful gift.

9. Nurse Notebook

A notebook can be gifted to a nurse preceptor as a token of gratitude. It enables one to organize the day’s activities as well as plan for the future. The gift can be personalized using selected pictures as well as text that portrays how grateful one is to be mentored. The gift can also be a way to display a sense of style rather than the obvious intentions of recording notes and keeping tracks of schedules.