55+ Gender Neutral Gift Ideas For Adults 2020

We’re sharing some of this year’s best unisex gift ideas for adults, whatever your budget. It can be tough buying for a mystery recipient, especially on a restricted budget, as most of us tend to think of our gifts as being for men or for women. It doesn’t have to be so.

For convenience, all these non-gendered presents are available on Amazon, so you can get them delivered quickly with a Prime account. Buying a secret santa gift for a colleague can be quite tricky when  you don’t know who they are, or what their gender is. This list will ensure that whoever you are buying a gift for this year is happy with their present.


World Tracker Scratch Map

These maps encourage the recipient to explore their world more, scratching as they go. A bit of a mean gift if they don’t have a passport, but a considerate one otherwise. Who doesn’t want to make their mark on the earth?


Moleskine Classic Notebook

The safest gift in our list, and a ‘Classic’ for good reason. If it’s near the new year, get a diary, but a non-dated notebook is always appreciated. Have you ever thought “I have too many high quality notepads in my life and I wish I had fewer”? Us neither.


Wine Aerator

No more waiting around for the red wine to aerate with this – just attach the device to the neck of the bottle and the wine is aerated as it’s poured.


Cactus Coaster Set

Few sculptures are this practical. Few coasters are this sculptural.


Infusion Bottle

Some people don’t like drinking water, despite needing it to survive. Most people want to drink more water each day. This will allow people to combine fruit with water, making the water taste better, making it easier to drink more each day.


Carved Glasses Stand

They’ll never forget where they left their glasses again with this quirky rosewood spectacle stand.


POTUS Bobblehead

Whatever they think about The Donald, this desktop toy is sure to have a YUGE impact around the office. It’s bound to get BIGLY results in laughs department. Wait, why did my spellchecker not flag bigly?!?


Wine of Sacred Purity Unicorn Wine Holder

Made of high quality porcelain, this will help your secret santa achieve absolute grape-ness. Be warned though, this is a thirsty fella, don’t leave your freshly aerated wine unattended with him around!


Funko POP Character Figures

If your giftee is a follower of any fandom, these collectable figures are sure to warm his or her heart. Pick one they’ll enjoy – don’t just pick Voldermort because that’s the only option we’ve given you! P.S. Pick Voldermort.


Nicholas Cage Activity Book

Nicolas Cage is everyone’s favorite movie star. Wherever he is saving the day, he is always a hero and this book full of games, coloring in and great illustrations is an ideal homage to this great man. This is sure to be a real crowd pleaser at the office party!


Fidget Cube

Stop them clicking that pen with this addictive yet relaxing desk toy. May also help with:

  • Incessant Humming
  • Arrhythmic Foot Tapping
  • Ceaseless Desk Drumming
  • Random Sighing
  • Off-key Whistling

One can always hope.


Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Spread a little peace and love, man. Bring out the inner hippy in your co-workers with these hilarious hippy shades. They’ll be appreciative the next time they have a hangover.


Cards Against Humanity

They’ve probably heard of Cards Against Humanity, but if they haven’t played it then it’s about time they found out how much of a terrible person they are. For tone, the Amazon description calls it “America’s #1 gerbil coffin”. Yeah. Not an appropriate gift for every workplace but one the right recipient is sure to treasure and never stop talking about.


Foot Hammock

Some of your co-workers might work quite hard, why don’t you reward them with this foot hammock? They can kick back and put their feet up when they are done hitting their targets for the day!


Ice Cream Doorstop

Everyone works with someone who is always complaining about not enough air circulating in the office. Why not buy this funny doorstop?


Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

For the caffeine addict in the office, this will allow them to blend beans, spices, grains, nuts and prized possessions in an effort to get their daily fix. Just encourage them to leave it at home. Although they smell fantastic, the daily noise will not leave you or your other colleagues happy.


Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates

These luxury chocolates are sure to be a hit, especially at Christmas when people are likely to share them with loved ones. Though we wouldn’t count on them being shared at the Christmas party! As these delicious chocolates won’t hang around. Also they’re gold so they must be a good gift.


Mermaid/Merman Tail Blanket

For the Mer-persons in your life, these unisex mermaid (or if you prefer, merman) blankets offer some much needed escapism this year. Comes with a bag and a fashionable necklace which certainly won’t embarrass the recipient of this gift.


World’s Smallest Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile ‘anything finder’ makes your phone ring when you press a button on it. You can use the app on your phone to make the Tile ring when you’ve lost it (or whatever it’s attached to). If you’ve lost your phone and the Tile then you’re out of luck. An excellent gift to ensure your scatterbrained subordinates never lose their TPS reports.


Smart Microwaveable Notebook

We can’t really do this thing justice. “Introducing the world’s first microwave-to-erase smart notebook”. Just read the description for the science, but an ideal gift for the security conscious nerd who wants to feel a little more James Bond.


One Pound of Starburst Cherry

It’s the best flavor of all time. Plus, nobody really likes any of the other flavors. You probably won’t want to give this to the person that you bought it for!


Aromatherapy Humidifier

This humidifier uses ultrasonic waves to vaporize water and essential oils. The humidifier automatically cuts off when the water level gets low, changes between seven LED colours, and can help them sleep better. Depending on the oils used, it smells great. If you’re feeling generous you can also gift them some companion oils to get them started.


Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

So long as they have a smartphone this virtual reality headset will give the VR experience, without the huge price tag of dedicated devices such as Occulus Rift. Google’s Official Cardboard VR headset is available here.


Faucet Shaped Tea Infuser

Tea infusers are used to brewing specialty loose teas, people also use them to create their own blends of tea. This is a perfect gift if there are a lot of tea drinkers in your office. Check the related items for other novelty shapes.


Magnetic Poetry Geek Kit

Do you work with a load of geeks? Chances are they will love this kit to leave magnetic messages on the office fridge. May the force be with you!


Crib Dribbler

“Every baby wants to be left alone”


Unfortunately not a real product (it’s a box you put the real gift in) but worth checking out if your gender neutral giftee has young children and/or a cruel sense of humor. Alternative products include the ‘Bathe and Brew’ in-shower coffee machine, and an earwax candle kit.


Sip and Swirl Glasses

See if you can hold their cold, dead gaze whilst appletini swirls around it. Thought not.


Chalkboard Mug

Promise to never forget their drink order again with this memory aid/mug which is also a chalkboard. They can write their order right on the mug when it’s your round.


Universal TV Remote Keychain

Empower them with the gender-neutral  passive aggressive ability to turn off other people’s televisions in secret. With this comes great responsibility to not get caught.


Captain’s Log

Some people want to go through life more like Shatner than Stewart. Make it so.


Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Why not give them a future experience to enjoy with their real friends? Alternatively, if you think craft beer isn’t a unisex thing (poor you) then wine kits are available.


Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Replicating the design of the “Canon Lens Model EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM Lens”, it’s a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens. Stainless steel interior and lid keeps hot drinks hot and cool drinks cold like a thermos.


Nihilist Soap

Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

  1. Rinse.
  2. Repeat.

Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

Available in unscented.


Mixology Cocktail Candle

Eight different scents with matching cocktail recipes. Long lasting (seventy hours conservatively). Makes their home smell of romanticised cocktail fragrance, rather than the actual smell of spilled booze.


Lego Mugs

Most people born in the last 40 years have fond memories of playing with the plastic bricks. After all, LEGO is an aggressively gender neutral, unisex toy. To celebrate this fact, we recommend either a mug that you can build LEGO creations on:

Or an upscaled LEGO mug (so they can feel tiny).

Everything is awesome.


Smartphone Tripod with Remote

A practical gift for the Instagram obsessed coworker. Also doubles as a selfie stick and works great as a charging stand.

Smaller smartphone stands are also a great idea for those who love taking photos of their food at inopportune moments.


Powecube Outlet Multiplier

For when your comrades keep running out of outlets, the Powercube turns one power outlet into four, with two additional USB sockets.


Prison Ramen

It’s not so much the idea of gifting a book about ramen recipes from prison, but gifting an off-the-wall book. If they’re really into workplace ramen, there’s this microwave ramen cooker.


Time Management Hourglasses

Perfect for pushing the men and women who already use the pomodoro technique (25 mins work, 5 min break) just a little further, this hourglass set runs at 30/5. Just tell them it’s a pomodoro set and squeeze an extra 5 mins of productivity out of them.


Magnetic Hourglass

If you’re more interested in executive desk toys than time management, then magnetic hourglasses are pretty mesmerizing and a cool alternative to a Newtons cradles (so retro). Check out the GIF:


Diamond Ice Cube Mold

An ice cube mold exists to cater for each and every whim our civilization can muster. These will be remembered as the good times. Diamonds are cool though!


Bacon Press

Not just for bacon. Can be used to press anything. It could be a paperweight that expresses how much the owner likes bacon is to whoever comes near their desk. Can also be used to punish those who attempt to part them from their porcine produce.


Inverse Graffiti Pen

Graffiti pen which cleans – fill it yourself with cleaning fluid and make masterpieces in the dirt. People shouldn’t get angry if you’re partially cleaning their stuff, should they? An ideal gift for a reformed troublemaker.


Kitchen Multi Tool Bottle

This ‘bottle’ separates into eight stackable kitchen tools:

  • Funnel which doubles as a flower vase
  • Lemon Squeezer
  • Spice Grater
  • Egg Masher
  • Cheese Grater
  • Cap/ Jar Opener
  • Egg Seperator

This is a great unisex gift for the slightly-clueless-fresh-out-of-college-intern, or someone who’s moved recently and enjoys cooking.


Smartphone Projector

This DIY cardboard smartphone projector can be used to binge on Netflix in a darkened room, aloneOr with friends. There is also a pre-assembled version available, though assembly is half the fun.


Keychain Organizer

Not just for the EDC obsessives, this smart device cuts through the clutter on your keychain, holds up to 22 keys at once, and opens bottles. Not bad! Specifically designed for one handed use, this is a thoughtful gift for the person you can always hear before you can see (thanks to all the keys they carry about).


Milk and Cookies Shot Kit

Have your colleagues ever expressed a desire to take a shot of milk from a glass made of cookie? Mine do it all the time. Endlessly. Probably one of the weirder gift ideas we came up with, but one we’ve included for our own sanity. Send help.


Falling Bookend


The picture pretty much sums this up, it looks as though someone is about to be crushed by some falling books. Help your colleague throw away the company issued bookends and put this on their desk.


Game of Phones

“Send a message to your parents. First reply wins.”


You’ve been everywhere with your phone. It’s been right by your side through all your experiences. This game helps you share everything on your phone with the other players. So it might be an idea to have a clear out.


18 in 1 Credit Card Multi Tool ‘Lion Head’

Shaped like a Lion’s head, this roaring multi-tool is TSA compliant for when your peer needs to fix their laptop on a plane for some reason. Contains 18 ‘tools’ in a single slim device, including a screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, headphone wrap and more.


Mario or Sonic Fridge Magnets


Turn their fridge exterior into a scene right out of 1985’s Super Mario Bros with this  artfully reproduced fridge magnet set. Sonic level magnets are also available for those who grew up with a Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive instead. If you’d rather limit their fandom to the office, then this Mario Heat Change Mug will do the trick.


Meat Shredding Claws

For the Wolverine impersonator. Or someone, that really enjoys shredding pork with their hands. This is pretty primal, so it might help if you work with some pretty ALPHA bros.


Bonsai Tree Trio Kit

For the Miyagi in your life. Transforms the owner into a more considerate colleague, when they start obsessing over the wellbeing of their bonsai tree. Eventually transforms some owners into someone responsible for the death of three bonsai trees.


Headphone Hanger

Reduce desktop clutter with this stylish headphone stand. It will neatly stow away headphones until the person needs them next. If they don’t use headphones, no problem, they could easily hang a jacket from it.


Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

The gift of not dying of dysentery on a weekend hiking trip will be something they can treasure forever. Future generations of their descendants will owe their lives to you, they might not know it though.


So there you have it. Our complete guide: over 55 gender neutral gift ideas for the adults in your life in need of unisex gifting goodness. We hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestions and that your present presentation goes perfectly. Happy gifting!