First Communion Gift Ideas for Girls 2020

First communion is a huge deal for kids. It’s a wonderful time to commemorate with a special present. There are a lot of options out there to give your child or friend on the celebration of their first communion. Here are a few ideas for girls to help you find something appropriate that will be treasured for years to come.


Olive Wood Box

There are few woods in the world more meaningful than olive wood. A hand carved box that is made from olive wood that comes directly from Bethlehem is a meaningful, beautiful, and simple way to show your love and support on this amazing day. The hand carving on these boxes is exquisite and it’s sure to become a favorite place to store important and loved jewelry.


Silver Chalice Keepsake Rosary Jewelry Box

This gorgeous box is not only a wonderful way to commemorate first communion, but also serves as a place to keep jewelry or a rosary. It would be beautiful in any room and will really show how special the day is.


Music Box that Plays Ave Maria

This music box is not only beautiful with a lovely song that it plays, but is easy to customize with personal pictures. Simply lift the lid and you can easily slide pictures into the frame. By doing so you personalize this music boxand make it an even more special gift for first communion. Ave Maria is a wonderful song that speaks to a lot of people and we’re confident that you’ll love it, too.


Ceramic Picture Frame

When filled with a photograph celebrating first communion, this lovely frame becomes a gorgeous way to display your excitement in this day. First communion is a huge milestone and an amazing day in every girl’s life. Make sure that that memory is remembered with this picture frame.


Communion Trinket Box

This box from Abbey Press is inscribed with thoughts about first communion. It’s larger than some of the other gift ideas here which makes it a nice size to store more jewelry or important items.


When celebrating first communion it’s important to remember that the main purpose of the day isn’t to be surrounded by worldly items. When you’re choosing a gift make sure that the one you give speaks to the communicant as important in their spiritual life. A gift that reminds them of this important day or gives them a place to store their rosary is a wonderful way to celebrate!