Elephant Gift Ideas for Her 2020

If the special lady in your life loves elephants then you might think that surprising her with a nice elephant-themed gift will make her happy. No matter how old she is, the perfect gift for her exists, it can just be a matter of finding it. For some great ideas that she is sure to love, read on and pick out one that is sure to please her.


1. Elephant Wooden Jewelry Box



This small box is only a few inches in size, making it perfect for holding rings, charms, or earrings. It’s not large enough to hold bracelets or big pieces of jewelry. It’s sure to charm your favorite elephant lover and will add a nice elephant accent to her room.


2. “Just a Girl That Loves Elephants” T-shirt



This shirt is perfect for going to the zoo, the park, or just running errands. Your recipient will be able to share her love of this awesome animal with everyone she meets! It comes in a few different colors so you can customize it to her preferences.


3. Sterling Silver Elephant Cuff Bracelet



This gorgeous bracelet features two elephants with their trunks up facing each other at the opening of the bangle. It’s feminine enough to go with any outfit and would look great by itself to be a focal piece or stacked with a number of other bracelets to make a statement.


4. Pair of Elephant Keychains



These keychains are perfect for the elephant lover in your life to share with her significant other or best friend. While the two elephants look very similar, their trunks are held in opposite directions, so when they are placed together they appear to kiss. They’re sturdy enough to hold up to being thrown in a purse or backpack but will still look great.


5. Modern Elephant Art Coffee Mug



This oversize mug is perfect for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and features a stunning elephant print on it. It’s a flurry of bright colors and bold lines and is sure to help your recipient wake up in the morning, no matter her beverage of choice. Include some packets of hot chocolate and this gift is sure to be a favorite.


Don’t let the elephant lover in your life down – pick a great gift from this list and you can rest easy knowing that she’s sure to love it. Any gift is special, but especially one with an elephant on it.