Dragon Gift Ideas for Him 2020

Are you ready to UNLEASH the FUCKING DRAGON?



Finding the perfect gift for the special dragon lover in your life can be a little difficult. They can tend to be kitshy or cute, and most men don’t want a pink fluffy dragon in their man cave. If you’re looking for some ideas of what to get a man in your life who enjoys dragons, all of the items on this list are sure to please. They’re fun and decorative without being geared specifically for kids.


1. Celawork Dragon Incense Holder



The workmanship on this incense holder and burner is amazing. The artists has a great eye for detail, and it’s sure to be a welcome addition to any dragon collection. The smoke from the incense curls out of the dragon’s open mouth, adding to the enjoyment that this will bring.


2. Embossed Leather Dual Dragons Journal



Finding a journal that isn’t covered in flowers can be tricky. This gorgeous leather journal has a leather cord to wrap around it to hold it closed and is filled with 240 handmade pages. Perfect for any kind of writing, no man would be ashamed to be seen using this.


3. Dark Side Ballistics Folding Knife, Dragon Scale Detail Blade



This gorgeous knife has a four inch blade that is spring activated. There is a dragon on the handle and scales along the top of the blade. Made of rainbow stainless steel, it is as attractive as it is functional. Folding shut easily, it can be carried and used for almost anything.


4. The Finding – the Legend of Oescienne



Every dragon lover needs a good dragon book to read once in a while, and this is one of them. Although we’ll never see dragons in real life, that doesn’t mean your favorite dragon lover can’t dream about it!


5. Dragon Creature Cup



Coffee in the morning is a great pleasure, but finding a dragon at the bottom of the cup is even more enjoyable. While the person using the cup drinks, they’ll slowly reveal the small dragon at the bottom of their cup.


6. Dragon Stapler



This stapler is the perfect addition to any desk. Made of aluminum and cold-cast resin, the attention to detail on this hand-painted piece is wonderful. Papers will be stapled together with one quick snap of the dragon’s jaws!


Any gift on this list is sure to please the dragon lover in your life! He’ll thank you over and over when you give him one of these dragon-inspired gifts.