Closing Gifts for Sellers 2020

If you work in sales then you know how exciting it is to close a big sale. No matter how long you have worked to land the client, getting the paperwork signed is exhilarating. Now you can help your coworkers or employees celebrate when they close a big sale with one of these fun gift ideas.


1. “Every Day I’m Hustlin'” Mug



Everyone knows that closing is hard work and requires a lot of hustle. Help your favorite salesperson close their big deal with this mug. You get bonus points for filling it with candy.


2. “World’s Hottest Salesperson” Car Tag



Let everyone know how you feel about your salesperson with this cute and catchy car tag. It has some flames to add a little heat but nothing crazy to make it too wild, making it perfect for even the quietest salesperson on your team.


3. “Keep Calm I’m a Sales Manager” iPad Case



Everyone knows that sales managers and salespeople are constantly in and out of the office. They need to have a way to keep their iPad safe from damage when they’re running to and from meetings, no matter the weather, and no matter if they drop it. After all, their iPad has all of their data, charts, and information on it that they need to close their sales. Make sure they keep it safe with this bright and functional case!


4. Monster Salesman Trophy



If you’re going to be celebrating your best salesperson at a company event you will want to make sure they have a trophy they’ll be proud to display in their office. This trophy is perfect and even has a place to personalize it with an engraving. Make sure everyone knows that they are a beast when it comes to sales!


5. “I Turn Coffee Into Sales” Mug



Everyone knows that salespeople run on coffee. Without a nice hot cup in the morning they are often unable to complete their tasks, but with this clever mug you can make sure that they get all the caffeine they need to work hard all day, closing as many sales as possible.


Don’t neglect to give your best salesperson a token of your appreciation. They’re sure to love any of these gifts, and knowing how much you rely on them and appreciate their work, they’re likely to work even harder in the future. Everyone loves being thanked for their hard work, and all of these gifts are a great way to do that.