Camping Gift Ideas 2020

The market for camping gadgets and equipment is an ever-expanding one, and offers an almost fail-safe gift opportunity for the camping enthusiast in your life. However, while campers themselves may like nothing better than browsing in an outdoor shop, the selection available can be bewildering for novices or non-campers looking to buy a gift for a friend or relative. In these circumstances, the Internet is a particular blessing. Here, we look at 15 gifts ideal for someone keen on spending time in tents.


Gifts for Campers


1. The Wuudi Outdoors Camping Pots and Pans Set


This compact two-piece set, comprising one pot and one bowl, is made from robust aluminium that is easy to clean even where there are no proper sanitation facilities. Its small size makes it ideal for one person, perhaps a backpacker or distance hiker, for whom size and portability are important.


2. Ever-Ready Keeping You Safe in Hiking and Camping Emergencies First Aid Kit



No-one wants to imagine a situation in which they might need a first aid kit but this 139 piece set, composed of quality FDA approved medical equipment, is designed to meet whatever medical emergency a camping enthusiast might find themselves facing. From bee stings, poison ivy, cuts and grazes, right through to exposure, injuries involving significant blood loss or a casualty who has stopped breathing, this comprehensive kit is the ideal companion until profession medical care arrives. It also includes a informative booklet, complete with illustrations.


3. Trail Hunter Outdoors Quick Dry Microfiber Camping and Travel Towel


These handy towels, available in a variety of sizes, are sold singly or in packs of three. Able to hold up to four times their weight in moisture, and folding up small inside their carry bags, they are a much better choice than conventional cotton towels for anyone for whom space and somewhere to hang things to dry are at a premium.


4. Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel / Camping Pillows


Ergonomically-designed to ensure better neck support, this pillow finds favor with users for its comfort. They also appreciate the ease with which it can be inflated, an important consideration at the end of a long day. As an added bonus, it takes up very little room in a rucksack or kitbag; when deflated, it is small enough to be carried in a pocket.


5. Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition


Food is important to campers. Without a kitchen, how to prepare a filling meal or tasty snack assumes an importance it never does at home. That’s where this small stove could find its place. Both compact and collapsible, it’s particularly useful for campers needing to pack light without wishing to compromise the quality of their kit or for those, such as Scouts, setting out on their first camping trips.


6. Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System


No-one wants to get sick from drinking bad water. This product offers great reassurance for anyone concerned about the cleanliness of the water supply on their camping trip. Users can attach the filter to the drinking pouch included with the product, to standard disposable bottles or hydration tubing, and can even use it to drink directly from a water source.


7. Portable Camping Shower

This clever little gadget turns most one or two liter water bottles into a portable shower. As well as being a useful piece of kit to take on any trip where bathroom facilities are questionable or non-existent, it’s also worth packing to hose down a mucky dog or sandy beach toys.


8. Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink



At last a product for the camper who really does want to pack the kitchen sink, this portable version is designed to hold up to 10 liters of water, and its stainless steel ring means that it will not collapse inwards if a smaller of volume of water is used. Compatible with detergent use and hot water, it offers excellent reassurance for campers wanting clean dishes even when in the wilderness.


9. 12 Pack Aszune Tent Stakes


These lightweight aluminium pegs are deceptively strong. Designed in a Y shape, they penetrate different sorts of ground easily, holding tents firm in all weathers. Their bright gold color makes them immediately visible even in long grass, while their reflective para-cord ensures the same top quality visibility when darkness falls.


10. OUTAD Waterproof Camping Tarp


This waterproof tarp can be used in various different ways, including tent footprint, picnic mat, sunshade and, of course, rain shelter. There’s a choice of bright colours or a more muted dark green, and it compresses down well in its own drawstring bag.


11. OutdoorsmanLab Ultralight Sleeping Pad



The makers of this patent pending sleeping pad are sure that users won’t miss their mattress. An “air cell” design insulates sleepers from stones and hard, uneven ground, making a good night’s sleep more likely. It’s inflated by means of an air valve in only 10-15 breaths and is similarly quick and easy to deflate.


12. Curious George Goes Camping


This charming little book is a great read for any young child from a family keen on camping. Additionally, George’s classic escapades are sure to provide amusement for all those parents who have ever struggled with a small child intent on “helping” to set up camp.


13. Luminoodle LED Rope Lights


This USB-powered, waterproof light rope is easy to hang and will light up a camping pitch with ease. It can also be used inside a tent or even as a lantern, thanks to the included rip-stop nylon bag that is designed to act as a light-diffuser.


14. ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair


This is a chair for relaxation and lazy evenings around the campfire. Its powder-coated steel frame makes it strong enough to hold up to 300lbs, while its low profile construction enables the user to lean back at a comfortable angle and stretch out their legs.


15. Carpathen Premium Set of 6 Marshmallow and Hot Dog Roasting Sticks


Marshmallows and hot dogs are pretty much compulsory camp fare, especially if kids are involved. As no-one wants burnt fingers, these extendable sticks are a clever buy to keep everyone at a safe distance from the camp fire while ensuring they don’t miss out on the fun of cooking their own food.