Gift Ideas for Stoners 2020

One of the best things about being friends with a stoner is that it’s really easy to pick out presents for them. It’s probably best not to present them with the actual weed itself, but you can find a huge range of related products that will delight any stoner. The best thing is, it’s all available online, so you don’t have to hunt around looking for head shops in sketchy neighborhoods.


Best Gifts for Stoners

Here’s a selection of great gifts to bring pleasure to the stoners in your life, whether it’s their birthday, the holidays, or simply good old 4:20 – these are the best gifts for stoners.

1. Rolling Box



Every stoner needs somewhere to keep their weed and papers, like this smart and practical wooden rolling box. It’s got loads of storage space, including a handy concealed compartment, and it shuts with a strong magnetic lid to keep it all safe.


2. Cannabis Poster



This cool poster is not only decorative, it’s educational, too. Displaying photos of 24 different marijuana buds, it will look great in bedrooms, smoke rooms and dorms. It comes in a sturdy protective tube that’s easy to wrap up as a present, or you could get it framed before gifting it.


3. Zip ‘Herb’ Grinder




This is a really top-of-the-range grinder. It’s ergonomically designed, so it’s easy to use, and it’s made of high-quality aluminium. It’s bigger than most, with four pieces and a crystal catcher, but with a removable central chamber should they wish to make it pocket sized.


4. Mary Jane Boxers



Sitting around in boxer shorts, smoking weed and playing video games. Sounds like anyone you know? If your friend enjoys that classic stoner lifestyle, a pair of these rather snazzy boxer shorts will suit them just fine. They are made from smooth, silky satin and covered in an all-over cannabis leaf print. They have an elastic waistband so they won’t get uncomfortable after the munchies have struck.


5. Scientific Glass Bong



If your stoner friend is puffing away on an old scratched up acrylic bong, upgrade their experience with a fancy new one. This compact glass bong is very high quality and beautifully balanced. It may make them feel like a real scientist.


6. Budbomb Pipe



There’s a huge choice when it comes to pipes, but gifting one of these BUDBOMB pipes is a safe bet for a welcome stoner gift. Not only does it look cool, with a polished aluminium exterior, it’s got a nifty internal system that cools and filters the smoke.


7. Cannabis Cookbook



This illustrated cookbook contains over 50 recipes, all using a stoner’s favorite ingredient. Ranging from barbecue food to cocktails, this will take their cannabis cooking experience up a few levels from plain old hash brownies (though it’s got some great recipes for those too).


8. Arizer Extreme



If you really want to push the boat out, a Volcano-style vaporiser will set you back a few bucks but it will really be appreciated. This is the vaporiser of choice for the most discerning smokers. Among all the bells and whistles on this coveted piece of kit is an LED display to show exactly what’s going on. It looks super cool, too, with it’s futuristic shape. You can buy it on its own for a little less, but this comes with a remote control for a more laid back experience.


9. THC Necklace



There’s lots of stoner jewelry around showing marijuana leaves, but this necklace is a little bit more subtle and classy. It’s formed in the shape of a THC molecule, so unless someone is a chem major or a fellow stoner it’s pretty unlikely they will recognize exactly what it is. It looks great, though, with a cool geometric shape, and it’s very dainty and light to wear.


10. Gold Rolling Papers



Rolling papers are very useful, but they don’t sound like a very inspired gift choice. Splash out on these 24k gold rolling papers, though, and you get a gift that’s just dripping with bling. This pack of 12 is made from 24k edible gold with a base of hemp blend, making it very smooth burning as well as visually stunning.


11. Rolling tray



Some rolling trays are a bit uninspired and look just like, well, trays. This classy wooden bamboo rolling tray puts you in fancy gift territory, with a nice sturdy base and lots of slots and spaces to put all the little extras you need to hand while you’re rolling. It’s nicely compact and easy to clean.


12. Gas Mask Bong



This one is great for stoner friends with a sense of fun, but just make sure that they don’t suffer from claustrophobia before you give it to them. It is literally a gas mask with a bong attached, so you fit it over your head and face and puff away. Perfect for those who don’t like to pass it around, and it’s available painted in cool Jamaican colors, too.


13. Pack of Pre-rolled Cones



These would make a great stocking filler, and are ideal for anyone who doesn’t like to, or doesn’t know how to, hand roll. These pre-rolled cones come complete with tips, and are made from organic, unbleached hemp for a clean taste. They come with a patented criss-cross watermark that gives a smooth, steady burn.


14. Toker Poker



This lighter with a difference combines all the things a smoker needs in one handy tool. It has a built-in poker for cleaning out a pipe, a useful tamper on the side and, of course, a fully-working flint lighter. It also holds up to five feet of hemp wick.


15. Stainless Steel Storage Container



If your stoner friend keeps their stash in an old jam jar or plastic container, this specially-designed stainless steel weed container will upgrade their whole system. Three steel latches provide an airtight seal, and no light whatsoever can get in. Using Boveda packs, which are sold separately and placed under the lid, it keeps any stash at optimal humidity levels for perfect freshness.


16. Gorilla Grow Tent



This is for the really serious stoner who is prepared to spend some time on their hobby. If your friend has green fingers and wants to cut out the middle man, a growing space of their own is the perfect gift. A solid metal frame, sturdy canvas and huge zippers makes this portable grow tent the perfect environment for safe and secure cultivation.