Batman Gift Ideas for Her 2020

The secret is out: girls can and do love Batman just as much as boys do. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Batman lover (or maybe for yourself!), you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some Batman gifts that she’s sure to love!


Batman Symbol Earrings



These studs are understated, but still perfectly show the bat symbol in the classic black and yellow. While so many earrings are now chandelier and dangle everywhere, these are perfect for the girl on the go. They’ll express her love of Batman without getting in her way.


Bat Symbol Sleep Mask



Whether she works night shift or just really likes having it dark when she sleeps, a sleep mask is the perfect way to help her get the rest that she needs. Now she can show off her love of Batman while catching up on her beauty rest. This sleep mask is shaped like the bat symbol and super soft so that it won’t irritate her face or wake her up prematurely.


Batman Messenger Bag



“Always be yourself unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.” is the sentiment on this messenger bag. Perfect for helping her carry her books to class, the library, or even papers for work, it’s a fun way to show some superhero love while still getting things done. The flap closure and zipper will keep everything inside safe from the elements, and the adjustable strap ensures that it will fit anyone you choose to give it to.


His and Hers Batman Pillowcases



Help your favorite Batman lover stake her claim in bed with these clever pillowcases. Each has the bat symbol on it and then declares whether it is “his” or “hers” to help the happy couple avoid any confusion at bedtime. They are incredible soft and will fit a queen or standard size pillow.


Batman Umbrella



Help her stay dry with this fun umbrella that’s emblazoned with the bat symbol on it. Far from looking like a kid’s umbrella, the black and yellow are more grown-up and the single symbol keeps it from looking too juvenile. It’s a perfect way to stay dry and stand out in a crowd.


No matter what kind of fun Batman gift you’re looking for, the Batman-loving girl in your life is sure to enjoy something off this list. You can keep her dry, maker her laugh, or help her sleep with one of these great gifts!